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2nd floor, Student Services Center

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Freshman Priority Registration (FPR)


What is Freshman Priority Registration?

Freshman Priority Registration is a week of group academic advisement for new GWC freshmen. Eligible students will:

• Create a personalized Student Education Plan with a counselor
• Receive priority class selection and registration
• Meet other new freshmen
• Prepare for life at GWC!

Be eligible in 3 steps!

1. Apply for Summer/Fall 2019 online


2. Participate in Pre-Registration Activities

• Orientation – complete it in your student portal (
• Placement – you are eligible for college-level English & Math classes!
• Transition – ask your high school to schedule a GWC advising session

3. Register for Classes with Priority!

• You are invited to the Registration workshops in May/June
• Create your schedule with a Counselor
• Meet other new freshmen
• Prepare for life @ GWC!

Do I need to take a placement test?

Placement testing is no longer necessary! You will have the option of direct entry into college-level English and Math courses, which are transferable to CSUs and UCs.

GWC may strongly recommend or require students with certain high school cumulative GPAs to take a co-requisite alongside their college-level English and Math courses. This co-requisite provides additional academic support to ensure students can be successful.

Students typically do not need this co-requisite, if they have the following:

• High school cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

• Advanced Placement (AP) exam score of 3 or higher in English or Math

• Early Assessment Program (EAP)/California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) test result of Standard Exceeded

• Expository Reading Writing Course (ERWC) grades of C or higher in both semesters

For current 12th graders in our local area, GWC will schedule placement advising presentations at your home school! Please check back later for dates and participating campuses.

If your high school is not listed, you may receive the same service by visiting GWC. You can also see your counselor and request a GWC presentation on your campus.

Next steps

You can reserve a spot at the FPR Workshops! We are expecting this to be in May or June 2019, so please keep in touch for the confirmed dates.

For more information about the FPR Workshops, contact Counseling at 714-895-8119.