Freshman Priority Registration (FPR)

Assessment Center

Walk-in testing is available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8:00am to 2:30pm, and Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.
Walk-in testing hours are subject to change at any time. Please call the Assessment Center to verify testing hours.

What is Freshman Priority Registration?
  • Required Assessment in English and Math either at your high school or at GWC
  • Group academic advisement with GWC Counseling where you will create personalized Student Education Plan
  • Priority class selection and registration
The 5 steps to picking classes first!
What is the Assessment?

Assessment is a placement process to determine the courses that fit you best. This evaluation process will determine your starting point in English, ESL and Mathematics. Assessment will also determine whether you meet the prerequisite requirements to take any other courses offered by the college.

Golden West College uses the following measures in your placement recommendation:

  • High School Cumulative GPA, coursework, and grades
  • Placement test results
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exam results
  • Early Assessment Program (EAP)/California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) test results
  • Expository Reading Writing Course (ERWC) grades
  • Successful Completion of English or Math Courses from an accredited college or university

By evaluating your readiness for college-level courses through multiple measures, our goal is to reduce potentially unnecessary courses from your schedule and save you time, energy, and money.

For current 12th graders in our local area, GWC schedules Assessment appointment dates at the high school! Please check the 2018 FPR Assessment Schedule [PDF] for participating locations.

If your high school is not listed, you may receive the same Assessment service by our sister colleges, Orange Coast or Coastline. We will receive your test and process it without any extra action on your part. Please check with your school for the Assessment dates.

Students who do not have the option of Assessment at their high school should do this at GWC as soon as possible. Please contact GWC Assessment Center by phone or email for more information.

Which test should I take?

First of all, the test may not be necessary for you! GWC provides placement using multiple measures, and the primary method is high school gpa and coursework history. We encourage that you first check your Assessment results in MyGWC (details below) before determining whether you need to test.

If you do need to test, please get to know the different levels in English and Math. Refer to our Sample Tests to help you decide.

How do I access my Assessment results?
  • Log into MyGWC
  • Click on the “My Records” tab
  • Click on “Unofficial Transcripts.”
  • When the Unofficial Transcript is open, look at the PLACEMENT RESULTS section for the classes you are eligible to take.
  • To understand your placement results and options, please view this guide Assessment Results & Options [PDF]
Next steps

If you have completed the steps above, you can reserve a spot at the FPR Workshops! This is when students will have group advising and priority class selection and registration. The workshops are in the afternoon and evening between May 8 and 10.

For more information about the FPR Workshops, contact Counseling at 714-895-8119.

For all questions about testing, please call or email the Assessment Center.