The Golden West College Cooperative Work Experience Education Program (CWEE) offers students the opportunity to earn elective units of credit for learning experiences identified in their job.  The position must relate to the student’s college major or career goal and may be paid or volunteer.  CWEE supports students in a number of different certificate and degree programs.  Currently, CWEE is required for 15 certificate options and is recommended for 25 certificate options.

Recent revisions of the course outline have allowed CWEE units to transfer to CSULB and CSUF beginning in the Fall 2002 semester.  Eight sections of CWEE are offered each semester during both the 16-week and 8-week sessions, with each section number consisting of a different number of units.  Orientations are held at the beginning of each session for the program and are offered over a span of 3 weeks with varying days and times available.


    • Provides students the opportunity to prepare for their career goals, as well as new or changing occupations.
    • Students that participate in the Cooperative Work Experience Program increase their employability and earning power by gaining work experience in their specific field of study.
    • Cooperative Work Experience establishes the foundation for continued learning in higher education.
    • Students learn how to effectively establish and complete learning objectives on the job.
    • The Cooperative Work Experience is extremely flexible given that there are not class meetings.  This in turn makes the program accessible to a large population of students, including those working full time.


Susan Girard  892-7711 ext 55036 Business 104 sgirard@gwc.cccd.edu
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