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Joining a Club is a great way to enrich your academic experience and meet people with similar interests. GWC has clubs of all types that focus on a variety of topics and interests. To join a Club, attend a meeting, contact the club advisor, join through a current member, or attend Club Expo during the fall or spring semester.  Club meeting times can be found on the GWC App, and are also listed below.

Start a Club

Want to start a new club or organization?  The process is easy!  All you need to do is recruit five (5) other interested students, obtain an advisor, and file a New Club Application.  Click here to get started.  For questions about starting a new club, contact Therese Grande, Student Life Coordinator or Jenna Hirao, ASGWC Vice President of Club Affairs.


Alpha Gamma Sigma (Honor Society) Sigma Pi Chapter – This is the California community college academic honor society. Membership requires a current and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Dues are $15 each semester. AGS promotes scholarship and leadership skills and provides opportunities for service to the campus and local organizations.  All members receive special recognition at the GWC graduation ceremony.
Advisor(s): Valerie Venegas
Meetings: Thursdays at 1pm in Rec Ed 100

American Sign Language Club – The purpose of the club is to help students become more involved within the Deaf community. We also are here to help any ASL students practice their signs. We want everyone in the club to become more confident in their signing skills and have fun.
Advisor(s): Casey Breen
Meetings: Wednesdays at 4:30pm in the Student Center

Auto Enthusiasts – A club for car enthusiasts, to connect on campus and off in the future. If you are into imports, muscle cars, classics, etc. this is a place to come together. The goal of the club is to create new and exciting adventures throughout college.
Advisor(s): Max Brinkman-Marheine
Meetings: Every other Wednesday starting 9/26 at 11:30am in Automotive Technology 112

Baseball Club – The Baseball Club’s primary mission is for students of GWC to get together pursue the goal of playing baseball at a competitive level.
Advisor(s): Dennis Nanez, Jason Deitrich
Meetings: TBD

California Nursing Student Association (CNSA) – The purpose of this organization is to foster nursing education, facilitate early unity among our future colleagues in nursing, and to optimize the nursing student’s exposure to the numerous specialties and pathways in the ever-changing field of nursing.
Advisor(s): Deborah Goldstick, Karen Harelson
Meetings: Mondays at 1:30pm in Nursing 202

Circle K Club – Circle K International is college and university students who are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide.
Advisor(s): Michelle Neal and Teresa Nguyen
Meetings: Wednesdays at 2pm in Student Services Center 1210

Choreography Club – Our purpose is to explore different styles of dance and learn to create original choreography. This will include student cooperation, review and performing.
Advisor(s): Taylor Green
Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:40pm in Rec Ed 201

Christian Club – This purpose of this club is to provide a place where students can find love and fulfillment in their lives by getting to know or deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible, the use of other Christian resources and spending time with other Christians. So that love may be shared with other students on campus, that they may know that “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” John 3:17. All students and questions are welcome.
Advisor(s): Bud Benneman
Meetings: Tuesdays at 4:30pm in the Native Garden

Cosmetology Club – The purpose of this club is to enhance our members’ education, professional ethics, social skills, and personal development through their involvement in club activities.
Advisor(s): Evangelina Rosales, Julie Powers,
Meetings: Thursdays at 4pm in Cosmetology 108

Cosplay Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a safe environment and foster the Cosplay sub-culture. Students will participate in local events to promote both the campus and the club.
Advisor(s): Deborah Birnie
Meetings: TBD

Entrepreneurship Club – The GWC Student Entrepreneurship Club will enable students to discuss, network, and explore aspects of starting and managing a business. Club activities will include leading or participating in entrepreneurship activities on campus, meeting with community entrepreneurs and small business resources/advisors, and take entrepreneurship education field trips.
Advisor(s): Bern Baumgartner
Meetings: TBD

EOPS/CARE/Guardian Scholars Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a support system for students, promote cultural awareness through student involvement, give back to the campus and community, and create a positive experience for new and returning students.
Advisor(s): Michelle Sambrano, Lorena Perez
Meetings: TBD

E-Sports Club – Our main purpose is to provide students with a friendly and accessible place to discuss, practice, learn about, and compete in video games now popularized as Esports. We intend to begin with the games League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers as our primary focuses and to branch out when members desire a wider reach. Our ultimate goal is to create an Esports infrastructure that encourages players to compete at a world-class level.
Advisor(s): Graham Smallwood
Meetings: Fridays at 11am in Fine Arts 207

Folklorico Club – The purpose of this club is to connect people to the Mexican tradition of Folklorico dancing to help raise awareness of the culture and build new traditions for the Golden West community.
Advisor(s): Veronica Ornelas, Ben Olague, Alison Carlock
Meetings: Thursdays 1at 1:30pm in Rec Ed 211

Future Teachers of America – The purpose of this club is to provide students who are interested in becoming teachers at any level a place to network and share ideas with other professionals associated with the educational field. Some activities this club engages in are social networking events, educational field trips, and volunteering in our community.
Advisor(s): Bridget Gergens
Meetings: TBD

Gay Lesbian Alternative Straight Alliance (GLASA) – The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of the rights of the LGBTQ community and to promote a safe environment for greater understanding of the LGBTQ community.
Advisor(s): Michael Crane
Meetings: Thursdays at 4:00pm in Humanities 107

G-DUB Internet Radio & TV Club – TG-DUB Internet Radio and Television Club provide students with the opportunity to receive hands on training in producing Internet radio and television programs. Club members serve as DJ’s, sports play by play and color announcers and audio engineers. G-Dub Internet Radio is a 24 hour, 7 day a week automated streaming web based radio station. G-DUB Radio streams from Members of the Internet Radio and Television club receive hands on training in all phases of planning and producing Internet radio and television programs. It’s not just internet radio…. It’s G-DUB Internet Radio!
Advisor(s): Warren Carter
Meetings: Monday, October 8th at 1pm in Student Services Center 2400

Golden Dreams – Golden Dreams is a club specifically for Undocumented students and allies who want to create a stronger Undocu presence on campus and make GWC a safe place/sanctuary for all. We focus on understanding our resources, learning about relevant topics, and promoting civic engagement in our communities.
Advisor(s): Dr. Giovanni Hortua
Meetings: Thursdays at 3:00pm in Administration 224

GWC Beats Club  – The GWC Beats Club is based around musical expression through Songwriting, Rapping, Choreographic Dance, Team Collaboration and promoting a Healthy alternative to express any Emotions.
Advisor(s): Mary Avalos
Meetings: TBD

GWC Political Works  – GWC Political Works provides an open and free forum to inform students on current events and public policy. We seek to allow students a voice on political affairs.
Advisor(s): Thomas Klein
Meetings: Every other Tuesday starting 9/17 at 10am in Student Services Center 1210

History Club – This club provides a forum for History majors and buffs to share their appreciation and understanding of the human past and debate its implications for the present. Club members organize to attend museum exhibits, historical reenactments, trivia games, Renaissance fairs, and other fun activities. The club also provides access to monthly historical publications, degree/transfer information, and research/career opportunities to students interested in furthering their study in the field of History.
Advisor(s): Sunshine McClain
Meetings: Thursdays at 2:30pm in Administration 209

International Club – The purpose of this club is to provide an established organization in conjunction with the International Student Program that offers a community of support to international and resident students. Club members plan activities to familiarize themselves with the culture of the U.S. and share with the GWC campus the different cultures that students represent for better awareness and mutual understanding.
Advisor(s): Nicole Diamond, Veronica Soto
Meetings: Every other Tuesday starting September 11th at 4pm in Student Services Center 1210

N.E.R.D. (Nitor Edoceo Reapse Discipulus) Club – This is an association for science students.
Advisor(s): Travis Vail, Bud Benneman, Annamaria Crescimanno
Meetings: TBD

Peace and Leadership Club – The purpose of this club is to build a culture of peace; to create peace within ourselves, our community, our country, and our world.
Advisor(s): Farzane Farazdaghi
Meetings: TBD

Psychology Club & Psi Beta – A group of people interested in learning about the discipline of Psychology. The club is partly educational, you will learn about the many fields in Psychology, how to transfer as a Psychology major, what is needed to go into a career in psychology, and much more. The rest is fun! We plan events, activities, and workshops to help us get to know other people on campus, get involved, and make connections. Join us if you are interested in Psychology, making friends on campus, and networking.
Advisor(s): Amy Jennings
Meetings: Every other Monday at 1:30pm starting October 8th in LRC 250

Pre-Health Club – The purpose of this club is to provide information, encouragement, and a supportive environment for pre-health students in exploring career paths
Advisor(s): Kira Pate
Meetings: TBD

PUENTE Club – As an extension of the Puente Program, the Club is a student-led organization open to all students at GWC. We promote purposeful friendships, community service and academic commitment to support a memorable college experience outside of class. In addition, the Puente Club seeks to foster and encourage cultural affirmation for our members.
Advisor(s): Veronica Ornelas, Jessica Patapoff
Meetings: Tuesdays at 12pm in Student Services Center 2400

Satyr Improv Club – The Satyr improv comedy club promotes and advocates performing arts in a fun and mature environment. Meetings include improve workshops and exercises, and we host live improv shows on campus.
Advisor(s): Chad Bowman
Meetings: Thursdays at 3:30pm in the Amphitheatre

Student Veterans Organization – The purpose of this club is to assist in Veterans’ transition from military to student life.
Advisor(s): Christie Vega, Andrea Garcia, Michael Carrizo
Meetings: Every other Wednesday at 12pm starting September 5th the Veterans Resource Center

Surf Club – The purpose of the Surf Club is to bring students together to surf, bond over surfing, and to make friends who have surfing experience. Additionally, students who have no surf experience are welcome to join to learn how to surf.
Advisor(s): Bud Benneman
Meetings: TBD

The Writers Bloc – The purpose of this club is to appreciate, understand, and develop the craft of writing. The club’s goal is to provide students with a space where they can feel free to share their poetry and prose.
Advisor(s): Idalith Bustos, Mifanwy Kaiser
Meetings: Tuesdays at 3pm, Humanities 208

Video Game Development Club – The Video Game Development Club is an organization where students who are interested in the process of video game design and development can work together in a collaborative environment. Students will have the ability to work with their peers on video game projects as well as seek and provide assistance with anything related to the video game development process.
Advisor(s): Graham Smallwood
Meetings: Wednesdays at 10am in Fine Arts 207

Vietnamese Catholic Student Association – The purpose of this Association is to establish and develop leadership skills as well as to raise awareness of social responsibilities and charitable services to encourage students to be engaged and involved in the community and to live a catholic faith.
Advisor(s): Julie Nguyen
Meetings: TBD

Vietnamese Student Association – VSA is open to everyone. It provides a place to share the Vietnamese language and culture, fosters friendships, supports students and the local communities, builds unity, and develops future leadership.
Advisor(s): Tammie Tran
Meetings: Thursdays at 4pm in Communications 111

Women in STEM – Our mission includes the following: help women develop an interest in science, research and clinical fields; help with Resume/CV/cover letter and interview skills; networking opportunities with other women in the field of STEM; increasing the representation of women in STEM fields.
Advisor(s): Shatarupa Ray
Meetings: Every other Tuesday starting 9/18 at 2pm in Student Services Center 1350