Puzzle Piece Calendar

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)

All meetings are at DSPS 10-11:30 unless otherwise stated

Times and locations are subject to change. For more information contact Denise Bon at dbon@gwc.cccd.edu

Spring 2018 Calendar

Dates Event
January 26 Welcome Back
February 2 Classroom Success
Ways to cultivate good relationships with classmates & instructors
February 23 Words
How simple words can make a big impact!
March 2 Acceptance, Sensitivity & Hope
March 23 Who am I?
What I wish GWC/The World knew about me.
April 13 Autism Ally Week Debrief
Game: “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”
April 27 Service Project
*Giving Back
May 4 Music Heals
May 18 End of the Semester Party! Bring food to share!

Puzzle Piece Schedule [PDF]

The puzzle piece is a group for GWC students on the Autism Spectrum. Students who regularly participate in the Puzzle Piece will develop the skills nec-essary for social interaction with peers, professors, and staff in order to reach their academic goals successfully. Effective learning and life strategies are explored through workshops, interactive games, team building exercises and presentations. In addition, students benefit from social interaction, peer support and shared life experiences with other GWC students with ASD.