Puzzle Piece Calendar

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
ASD Students

All meetings are Friday’s at 10-11:30 am in the LRC 250 unless otherwise stated

Times and locations are subject to change. For more information contact Denise Bon at dbon@gwc.cccd.edu

Fall 2018 Calendar

Dates Event
August 31 2018 Success
Making the best out of Fall 2018Set Up Group Norms
What Campus Resources Are Available?
How To Use Them?
Ask A Puzzle Piece Mentor.
Open Discussion
Improv Game
September 14 What is Autism?
Have you ever wondered…What Does It Mean To Be
On The Autism Spectrum?
How Does It Affect My Success At College?
Why Should I Care?
Open Discussion
September 28 Guest SpeakerFrank Cirioni
What is Title IX?
Creating A Safe Campus
Environment Promotes
Student Success
Open Discussion
October 5 Guest Speaker II
Title IX reviewFrank Cirioni Returns To Answer Any Questions.
Open Discussion
Game: What Would You Do!
October 19 Student’s Choice

Student led Activity

November 2 Burn out?
What do I do ???Strategies Forover
Coming Mid To End Of The Semester
Open Discussion
November 16 Social Media
Pros and consWhy Has Social Media Made Our Lives Better?
How Has It Made It Worse?
Why Does It Matter If We Get Likes?
Cyber bulling . . What To Do?
Open Discussion
November 30 Stress
How do you experience stressIs All Stress Bad?
What What Should I Do About Anxiety?
Procrastination Problems?
Open Disscussion

Special Events

Dates Campus Events
September 12 Club expo after dark
September 27 Black Panther movie night
4pm | Forum II
October 11 Dracula
7:30pm | GWC Main Stage Theater
November 1 Dia De los Muertos
November 15 Sister Act
7:30pm | GWC Main Stage Theater

GWC Home Girls Soccer Game

9/4 3pm
9/11 3pm
9/21 3pm
9/28 3pm
10/5 3pm
10/16 3pm
10/19 3pm
10/26 3pm
11/2 3pm
11/8 3pm

Pot Luck Parties!

Dates Events
October 10 3rd Annual Puzzle Piece/staff Halloween Party
December 14 Pot Luck Smash Bros competition

Field Trip

Dates Event
November 11 “Valley of the Heart” Play
Sign up required

Puzzle Piece Schedule [PDF]

The puzzle piece is a group for GWC students on the Autism Spectrum. Students who regularly participate in the Puzzle Piece will develop the skills nec-essary for social interaction with peers, professors, and staff in order to reach their academic goals successfully. Effective learning and life strategies are explored through workshops, interactive games, team building exercises and presentations. In addition, students benefit from social interaction, peer support and shared life experiences with other GWC students with ASD.