Puzzle Piece Calendar

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
ASD Students

All meetings are Friday’s at 10-11:30 am in the LRC 250 unless otherwise stated

Times and locations are subject to change. For more information contact Denise Bon at dbon@gwc.cccd.edu

Spring 2019 Calendar

Dates Event
February 2 Spring 2019 Planning
Improv Game
Group Norms Review
Semester Planning
Student’s Choice
Art Show
Faculty Recognition
Autism Ally Week
February 22              Executive Functioning
Improv Game
“When I Was Your age”
Planning Your Semester
March 8 Student’s Choice
Special Topic
March 22 Accepting Change
Game Change Can Be Hard For All Of Us.
How Do You Deal With Unexpected and Expected Change?
April 5 Social Skills
Social Skills Game
Autism Ally Week
April 19 Art Show
Faculty Recognition
Bring Your Art, Poetry, Short Stories, Essays Any Thing That You Want To Share With Each Other and Faculty.
May 3 Health & Well Being
Eating Healthy, Physical and Mental Health
Outdoor Activity – Wear Comfy Shoes and Bring Sunscreen.
May 17 Smash Bros Tournament
Graduation Party And End Of The Year Celebration

Puzzle Piece Schedule [PDF]

The puzzle piece is a group for GWC students on the Autism Spectrum. Students who regularly participate in the Puzzle Piece will develop the skills nec-essary for social interaction with peers, professors, and staff in order to reach their academic goals successfully. Effective learning and life strategies are explored through workshops, interactive games, team building exercises and presentations. In addition, students benefit from social interaction, peer support and shared life experiences with other GWC students with ASD.