Puzzle Piece Calendar

All meetings are Friday’s at 10-11:30 am in the LRC 250 unless otherwise stated

Times and locations are subject to change. For more information contact Denise Bon at dbon@gwc.cccd.edu

Fall 2019 Calendar

Dates Event
8/13 Making the Best out Fall 2019
Puzzle Piece Orientation
Learn Strategies To Make Your Semester Great!
9/13 What is Autism?
Have you ever wondered…
What Does It Mean To Be On The Autism Spectrum?
How Does It Affect My Success At College ?
Why Should I Care?
Open Discussion
9/27 Code of conduct
What Is Ok And What Is Not Ok In The Classroom
10/11 Relationship IQ
What is appropriate and when!
Navigating The Different Types Of Interpersonal Relationship You Have On Campus
Game: What Would You Do!
10/19 Student’s Choice
Student led Activity
11/8 Sensory OverloadSensory Overload
What do I do???
Strategies For Dealing
With Too Much Sensory Input!!!
11/22 Gratitude
Gratitude Activity
12/13 Final’s Party
Pot Luck
Bring Food To Share!
Smash Bros Tournament
Ornament Making
Student Union