Contact DSPS

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)

DSPS Office
1st floor, Student Services Center
Telephone: (714) 895-8721 (Voice relay calls accepted)
Fax: (714) 895-8131

DSPS High Tech Center
Learning Resource Center (LRC-150) First Floor
Telephone: (714) 895-8322

Hours of Operation:

*DSPS Office:
Mon – Fri:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays

*Hours of operation are subject to change – Please call (714) 895-8721 for current information.

*High Tech Center:
Monday – Thursday: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday:  Closed

DSPS Team:
Director of DSPS, Chad Bowman

Dr. Chad Bowman
(714) 895-8721

Denise Bon, DSPS Counselor

Denise Bon
DSPS Counselor
(714) 895-8721

Greg Lopez, Instructional Associate

Greg Lopez
Instructional Associate
(714) 892-7711 x55927

Bill La, DSPS Counselor

Bill La
DSPS Counselor
(714) 895-8721

Karen Funk, Office Specialist

Karen Funk
Office Specialist
(714) 895-8721

Kim Pascoe, Instructor

Kim Pascoe
(714) 892-7711 x55152

Cheryl Prohaska, Classroom Interpreter III

Cheryl Prohaska
Classroom Interpreter III
(714) 895-8721

Palak Patel, LD Specialist/Counselor

Palak Patel
LD Specialist/Counselor
(714) 895-8721

Tien Tran, Media Access Specialist

Tien Tran
Media Access Specialist
(714) 895-8968

April Millikan, Interpreter Specialist

April Millikan
Interpreter Specialist
(714) 892-7711 x55151