College Credit Program

How to Apply and Register

Step 1. Create an OpenCCC Account and Apply to GWC – Click here

• Create an OpenCCC Account AND submit the GWC online application.
• Check your email! Within 48 hours of completing your GWC application, you will get an acceptance email with your GWC ID number (which starts with the letter C).

Step 2. Pick Your Class(es)

For Dual Enrollment, see our Dual Enrollment Course Offerings page.

For Concurrent Enrollment, please view our Online Class Schedule  – Click here

• Select the term you want to enroll in (ex: GWC Summer 2019 or GWC Fall 2019)
• Select the subject you are interested in (or click “all” to view all of our classes)

Step 3. Complete your Release Form

Dual Enrollment Concurrent Enrollment
A. Dual Enrollment Release Form [PDF] A. Special Part Time High School Release Form [PDF]
B. Parent Consent Form [PDF]
C. Dual Enrollment Course Registration Authorization Form [PDF]

• Scan and email the completed forms to: (You may also turn in your completed forms to our Admissions and Records office in the Student Services Center).

• Dual Enrollment students may also submit their completed forms to their high school guidance counselor.

Step 4. Register for Your Courses

• Dual Enrollment students who submit a complete packet with all three forms will be automatically registered for the course(s) listed on their forms.

• Students will receive an email notification confirming their course registration once it has been processed.

• All other students will need to log on to their MyGWC portal to register.

• Click here for a guide showing how to complete the registration process.