Golden West College Student FAQs for Excused Withdrawals “EW”

1. Due to COVID-19, I can no longer attend my course(s) at Golden West College this semester. Can I receive a refund?

Per Title 5, section 58509, students who withdraw due to the Coronavirus outbreak may be granted a refund of student fees, including enrollment fees. If a student paid, a refund will be provided. If a student has not yet paid, they will be provided a fee cancellation due to this health emergency. Students will need to log into their MyGWC portal to drop their courses as an excused withdrawal “EW” in order to receive a refund.

Students enrolled in the first eight week session who were not able to complete their course(s) due to COVID-19 must make the request to withdraw with refund and an excused withdrawal “EW” notation by completing the online form

2. I will be dropping my course(s) due to COVID-19; do I have other options than receiving a “W” on my transcript. If I drop now, what mark will show on my transcript?

Students who withdraw from their courses(s) due to COVID-19 will be granted an excused withdrawal (notated as “EW”) on their transcript. This mark will not affect a student’s academic progress, academic probation, or ability to repeat a course. Students will need to log into their MyGWC account to drop their selected courses(s). Due to COVID-19, Golden West College is not requiring additional documentation for the excused withdrawal “EW” option. Golden West College will use the following orders as documentation:

March 20, 2020 Executive Order 2020-01

March 19, 2020 State of California Proclamation of Stay At Home Order

March 13, 2020 Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak

March 4, 2020 State of California Proclamation of a State of Emergency

Students enrolled in first eight-week courses who must withdraw due to COVID-19 must complete the form online at

Students enrolled in second eight-week courses will be able to follow the State regulated deadlines found on their Web Schedule Bill (class schedule) to drop their courses. The deadlines include the last day to drop without a “W” which will allow students to drop without notation on their transcript. Once the deadlines have passed students who must drop due to COVID-19 may do so through their MyGWC account and will receive an excused withdrawal “EW”. Directions concerning how to find the web schedule bill can be found at

3. How do I submit a request for an Excused Withdrawal “EW” due to COVID-19?

Students enrolled in full-term (sixteen-week) and second eight-week courses will be able to log into their MyGWC account to drop their course(s).

Students enrolled in first eight-week courses who withdraw due to COVID -19 must make this request by completing the online form at

4. How long will it take for my request to be processed?

When you drop your course online through your MyGWC portal it will immediately be processed and reflected on your web schedule bill and transcript. The submission of the online form to drop course(s) for the first eight-week session will be completed within 3 business days by the Admissions & Records Office who will manually update your record. Once completed, your transcript and web schedule bill will reflect this change.

5. What is the deadline to drop my course(s) due to COVID-19?

Drops must occur prior to the end of the Spring 2020 semester: May 23, 2020.

6. Could there be any consequences to dropping my class(es) with an excused withdrawal “EW”?

Students need to speak with the appropriate departments to understand their individual circumstances concerning degree completion, athletic eligibility, financial aid implications (such as being required to pay back money received through financial aid awards), and other implications not listed. Please contact the appropriate departments with questions and concerns prior to dropping your course(s). Once you drop your course(s) through MyGWC or for the first eight-week course(s) via the link the action is final and cannot be reversed.

7. I dropped my course with a “W” before March 16, 2020 for COVID-19 related reasons. Am I eligible for an excused withdrawal “EW” with refund?

If you dropped your course with a “W” prior to March 16, 2020 for COVID-19 related reasons please complete the Excused Withdrawal Petition [PDF] and send the completed form and documentation to Patrick Milius at

8. I still have more questions, who can I speak with regarding my individual circumstance?

Please contact Admissions & Records Specialist, Patrick Milius at For more information: