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The ceramic area offers a creative studio environment with beginning through advanced courses. It is a cone 10 reduction studio with opportunities to work with high fire, soda and raku. Students hand build and throw in a large well equipped studio.

In Ceramics I the students are given the foundation for becoming a more proficient ceramic artist. They are given the skills to make work in hand built and thrown ceramics.

Ceramics II, III, and IV students will work more independently. They mix glazes and encouraged to think for themselves. There are projects and proposed pieces for the advanced students.

The studio facility has spacious areas for hand building, wheel throwing, slip casting, glaze research, and firing electric, gas, soda, and raku kilns.


Ceramics I - Art G121 (3 Credits)
This is an introductory ceramics course in which students learn basic design, creative development, hand-building, throwing, glaze techniques, firing and ceramic terminology. The course covers aesthetics and creative development of clay objects examining historical and personal modes of expression. Lecture & lab. Optional credit/no credit or grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

Ceramics II - Art G122 (3 Credits)
This is an intermediate level ceramics course following Art 121AB. Students further their abilities to design, construct and throw pieces on the potter’s wheel and create hand built ceramic objects. Specific aesthetic and technical criteria of ceramic design will be emphasized. Mold making, glaze making and kiln loading will also be introduced. Lecture & lab. Optional credit/no credit or grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

Ceramics III - Art G221 (3 Credits)
This course is a continuation of Art 122AB involving further development of ceramic building techniques. Historical and contemporary works will be emphasized. The student will also learn to safely and efficiently calculate a glaze. The safe preparation and use of electric and gas kilns will be covered. Lecture & lab. Optional credit/no credit or grade. Transferable to CSU.

Ceramics IV - Art G223 (3 Credits)
This course is for those who wish to develop specific ceramic skills with emphasis on the
aesthetic development of personal style in addition to presenting an exhibition and/or
portfolio for advanced education or exhibition purposes. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/
no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.


The ceramics area consists of almost 2000 square feet of classroom space plus an outdoor patio area and a separate kiln room. In the classroom there are 32 electric potters wheels, 2 extruders, a large brent slab roller, and tables for everyone to work on. We recycle all clay in a peter pugger.

In the kiln room there are 2 geil kilns, a raku kiln, 2 paragon electric kilns, and 1 skutt electric kiln. The out door space includes tables for students to work on, a Lockerbie kick wheel, and a glaze spray booth. Our studio only uses food safe glazes and we fire Cone 10 reduction firings. We have a fully functioning glaze room and the advanced students are encouraged to mix their own glazes. There are lockers for students to store clay and tools and a damp room for wet clay storage.

Ceramics Lab