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Holiday Art Sale

December 3 - 4
8:30 - 4:30 pm
Fine Arts Plaza

The Fine Arts Department will be holding its annual art sale to raise money for the artist lecture fund. Just in time for the holidays, artwork makes a great gift and the department appreciates your support. Ceramics, Drawings, Sculptures, Paintings, Printmaking, and Photography are available for sale.

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The photography program has up to date facilities and curriculum designed to provide students who wish to study commercial or fine art photography with the skills to move on to four year college or university or to pursue and independent career in photography. The faculty of divided between those with a background in the fine arts and those with a background in commercial photography.


PHOTOGRAPHY G120 - 3 Units
Introduction to Photography - Black and White Dark Room

(Formerly known as: Photography G150, Fundamentals of Photography)
A basic course to familiarize students with the fundamentals of photography. The students will study cameras and related accessory systems. Picture taking techniques, darkroom techniques, and the elements of design. Students must provide an adjustable camera. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

PHOTOGRAPHY G154 - 3 Units
The Creative Photographer

Advisories: Photography G120
An intermediate course to refine one’s skills in black and white photography both through chemical and/or digital printing. The emphasis will be on producing exhibition quality prints ready for commercial portfolios and/or gallery showings. This course may be taken 2 times. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

PHOTOGRAPHY G158 - 3 Units
History of Photography: An Exploration From the Lab

Advisories: Photography G120
In this course, students will explore the history of photography with emphasis on the technical innovations, limitations, and inspiration that helped determine the direction and perception of the photographic image. Through slide lectures and lab based assignments, students will gain skills to recognize specific aesthetic movements, analyze photographs for their historical and conceptual significance, and have a clear understanding of photographyís shift from a utilitarian instrument to a fine arts/commercial tool. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

PHOTOGRAPHY G160 - 3 Units
Special Problems in Photography

Advisories: Photography G120
This course is designed to allow the advanced student the opportunity to concentrate on a semester long project in a specialized photographic area. Student must provide an adjustable film or digital camera. This course may be taken 2 times. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.

PHOTOGRAPHY G190 - 3 Units
Introduction to Photography- Digital

(Formerly known as: Photography 150-1, Digital Arts G190)
This is a basic course to familiarize students with the historical and technical fundamentals of photography and digital imaging. Students will gain practical experience relating to cameras, exposure, light, content, color, composition and presentation. This course introduces development of personal artistic expression and visual perception, the basics of digital imaging including printing and image editing with Adobe Photoshop. Students must provide an adjustable digital camera. This course may be taken two times. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

PHOTOGRAPHY G191 - 3 Units
Digital Photography, Intermediate

(Same as: Digital Arts G191)
Advisories: Photography G120, Photography G190 or Digital Arts G190
This is an intermediate photography course providing in-depth instruction in scanning, printing and using digital imaging software to create a master digital image. Students gain practical experience with digital techniques that support their creative exploration of commercial or fine art photography. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.


The photography area has a fully equipped chemical darkroom with twenty-four work stations. A dry workroom area is set aside for loading and processing film as well as mounting prints. There are twelve computers located in this are for high end digital printing and color management. There is also a separate classroom for lectures and critiques. The lab is surrounded display areas for student work and exhibitions. The digital arts lab is located in the same building and has three classrooms with 28 computers in each classroom and serves the digital photography classes.