Measure M Construction Update:

Student Services Project: Monday 3/6 the crane will mobilize and enter the campus through M&O early in the morning.  Other smaller deliveries will take place through the regular campus entrance north of the Native Garden.  A concrete pour is scheduled on Thursday 3/9 with concrete trucks entering thru the access road between Kaplan and Amphitheater.  Please exercise caution around the construction equipment as they enter the campus and follow directions from the flagmen.  Noise levels will be moderate due to large equipment for these activities.  Ongoing delivery of miscellaneous material deliveries.  The main construction access road is the road between the Native Garden and Auto Tech all the way to Cosmetology.

Criminal Justice Project: Steel columns erection ongoing which will include periodic deliveries of steel.  Concrete pour for grade beam scheduled for Friday 3/10.  Pedestrians and Drivers need to follow closure signs and be cautious as they travel around the construction site.  Due to the wet condition of the project site portion of Parking Lot H is fenced off for staging of steel.  Welding of steel is ongoing.  Please be careful not to look at the welding arc.  Please watch for periodic concrete, rebar and equipment deliveries as they enter and exit the project site.  Noise levels will be moderate due to the large equipment for these activities.  Fencing for the dirt lot adjacent to Parking Lot G has been installed.   The dirt lot will be closed for any public parking until the project is complete.  The access road will remain open for the majority of the construction project with short periods of closure for work on the road.  The service road between the jobsite and the Theatre will periodically be closed in the coming weeks for new sewer and water line work.  Specific dates will be provided in the future after further coordination.

Math/Science Project: Building plans went to DSA for review and approval on 5/17/16.  Waiting on plan approval from the state.  Please note that the parking lot sidewalk west of the project is closed for the duration of the project.  A temporary pedestrian walkway has been created in the parking lot to accommodate all pedestrian traffic through this area.

Security Project: Physical installation of cameras, emergency phone, and access control antennas are completed. Emergency phone towers are coming online as the cabling is connected. All emergency phones should be active by this week. Ongoing programming to bring cameras and emergency phones online scheduled this week. Please be cautious of construction traffic and follow safety directions from workers directing traffic.

General Note: For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Randy Flint at