Math/Science Project: Ongoing deliveries of structural steel and concrete involving large trucks entering and exiting the site. Ongoing steel bolting, welding, and installation of metal decking. Construction crews will be working on Saturdays until further notice; there will be no impact on the Swap Meet. Sections of Parking Lot C may be blocked off for these activities; if so, pathways near the area will be delineated. Please obey delineations, be cautious of construction traffic, and follow safety directions from workers directing traffic. Noise level expected to be moderate due to large equipment for these activities. The sidewalk west of the project is closed for the duration of the project. A temporary pedestrian walkway has been created in Parking Lots C and D to accommodate all pedestrian traffic through this area. (See attached GWC map [PDF] for pedestrian walkway and Construction Vehicle Routes)

General Note: For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Randy Flint at