Student Services Project: Work in progress all week at the canopy above the Bookstore with trucks positioned on Main street; trucks and affected area will be taped off- please exercise caution. Continued lath and plaster at the bridge area. Ongoing preparation for irrigation and landscaping. Ongoing installation of interior light fixtures, switches/outlets, signage, flooring, and plumbing fixtures. Fire alarm testing scheduled at the end of the week; there may be sporadic alarm activity audible outside the project. Miscellaneous deliveries will be made on the access road between Kaplan and the Amphitheater, and the on road between the Native Garden and Auto Tech all the way to Cosmetology and Main Street, which may cause congestion. Please exercise caution around the construction equipment as they enter the campus, and follow directions from the flagmen. Noise levels will be moderate due to large equipment for these activities. (See attached GWC map [PDF] for Construction Vehicle Routes)

Criminal Justice Project: Continued interior finishing of walls, ceilings, and floors. Ongoing construction activity and placing of concrete at Scenario Lab and Grinder. The Pull Over Lane remains closed for public parking until further notice. Pedestrians and Drivers need to exercise caution as they travel around the construction site. Noise levels will be moderate due to the large equipment for these activities. The south access road between Parking Lots G and H may be closed intermittently due to construction activity- please exercise caution and drive slowly on the access road as it is narrow and difficult to see oncoming traffic. The traffic lane along the fenced Pull Over Lane in Parking Lot G may be closed periodically for construction vehicles en route to the Scenario Lab. (See attached GWC map [PDF] for areas subject to periodic closure, and Construction Vehicle Routes)

Math/Science Project: Continued excavation for footings and piping. Ongoing rebar and concrete placement, grading, and backhoe trenching/backfill activity involving large equipment, dump trucks, and concrete trucks entering and exiting the site. Noise level expected to be moderate due to large equipment for these activities. Please be cautious of construction traffic and follow safety directions from workers directing traffic. The sidewalk west of the project is closed for the duration of the project. A temporary pedestrian walkway has been created in Parking Lots C and D to accommodate all pedestrian traffic through this area. (See attached GWC map [PDF] for pedestrian walkway and Construction Vehicle Routes)

General Note: For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Randy Flint at