Guidance for Students, Parents, and Counselors

Outreach Department

We understand that the transition from high school to college can be a stressful and often overwhelming experience for students and parents alike. Similarly, we understand that high school counselors may have an equally difficult time in preparing students adequately for this journey. In an effort to alleviate some of these concerns the Golden West College Outreach Department has compiled the following list of helpful hints.

  • Apply early to your college of choice (Golden West College); the application is free and it allows you to get an early start on meeting requirements necessary for Priority Registration
  • Complete the online orientation program; the process is very fast and it will provide you with critical information about the college and your upcoming academic journey
  • Consult the Assessment office and complete any necessary pre-boarding testing
  • Collect all (official) copies of any Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or available transcripts from other schools. Doing this will ensure that your file will be most up to date when you meet with a counselor
  • Stay in contact with the GWC Counseling department to ensure Freshmen Priority Registration participation
  • Do thorough research online and through the college you’ve chosen regarding available scholarships and/or on-campus employment
  • Work with your parent(s)/guardian(s), and any other resource person (School counselor, or college representative) to complete the FAFSA or DREAM application as soon as possible
  • Research any student support programs that you may be eligible for (i.e. EOPS, TRiO, PUENTE, etc)
  • Create a full academic year calendar with critical college application dates
  • Compile an application folder with original and/or copies of all applications, confirmations, or receipts of procedure available; Keep these items for your records
  • Ensure that all tax information is available and current when completing the FAFSA or DREAM application
  • Encourage students to apply early to the campus(es) of their choosing
  • Work with the student to research any scholarship, financial aid, employment, or student support services programs available to them
  • Encourage students to study prior to attempting any assessments for English and/or Math; other subjects may require placement testing as well, adequate preparation is always essential
  • Ensure that all “Pre-Boarding” items are completed (i.e. assessment and orientation)
  • Become familiar with new parent-specific policies, procedures, limitations, or support services available
  • Reassure students that they ready for this next step
  • Coordinate campus visits from college reps as often as possible
  • Help students stay connected to appropriate college reps from selected campus(es)
  • Promote academic exploration or undecided pathways for college-bound seniors
  • Explain FAFSA, scholarship, and employment options to interested students
  • Present non-traditional pathways towards academic goals
  • Work to minimize popular misconceptions and general fallacies of the higher education process
  • Collaborate with college reps as often as possible to ensure more accurate and timely information