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Fran Faraz
Peace Studies Coordiantor

Karen Dickerson
Peace Studies Counselor

Dr. Dave Hudson

Dean of Arts and Letters

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Peace Study Options

The Peace Studies Program supports pioneers dedicated to peace

This new program supports human development; development of capabilities, skills and potentials that activate both individuals and groups in ways that enhance their social choices and commitments, liberate their inventiveness and raise levels of esteem and cooperation essential to carrying out goals.  This program supports students in how to think, rather than what to think.

Becoming certified in Peace Studies

This program offers an interdisciplinary look at conflict, violence, war, and peace.  Regardless of the academic discipline or chosen profession of each student, the instructors of the Peace and Conflict Studies program at GWC regard each as a potential “Peace Leader”.  Peace Studies equips students with creativity and skills easily applied to real life situations, personally as well as globally.

This interdisciplinary program is open to all.  Those interested in becoming certified in it must take at least seventeen credits.