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The field of journalism is evolving to coincide with the digital landscape, and the GWC journalism program is keeping pace. Be a part of the WESTERN SUN, the college’s newspaper, both in print and online.

Is journalism right for you?

Five reasons why journalism might be a good fit:

  1. You are naturally inquisitive.
  2. You like to travel.
  3. Telling people’s stories excites you. 
  4. You love to write
  5. You don’t relate to a 9-5 office environment


If you want to get started in journalism learn from a Pulitzer Prize Winner! Professor Gary Metzker has the experience to give you the best instruction possible.


Gary MetzkerGary Metzker is a full-time professor at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. He has been a full-time lecturer at Long Beach State since 2008 and an adjunct professor at Chapman University. He has also taught at El Camino College. Metzker is Design adviser for Long Beach’s Pacemaker and Pinnacle Award-winning Daily 49er as well as the 2016-17 Pinnacle finalist Dig Magazine’s design adviser.

Metzker started in the newspaper business by delivering the Sunday Philadelphia Bulletin, then working at the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal at age 17.

He received his bachelor of journalism degree in 1976 from the University of Missouri and his master’s in Communications in 2013 from California State University, Fullerton. Metzker has worked at newspapers in Delaware, Missouri, Florida, and California. For almost 25 years, he worked at the Los Angeles Times in positions ranging from sports news editor, metro news editor, A1 editor and Senior Editor.

During that time, Metzker was a member of four Pulitzer Prize-winning staff awards for breaking and spot news and was the designer for stories that earned a photographer the Pulitzer for photography and a writer the Pulitzer for best feature. Metzker has also won three Los Angeles Press Club awards and two Medals of Excellence from the Society for News Design.

Metzker teaches Media Design, Introduction to Mass Communications, Writing Across the Media, Reporting and Information Gathering, Introduction to Sports Journalism, Multimedia Journalism and Magazine Production at Golden West and Long Beach State.

In 2013, Metzker was selected Journalism Educator of the Year by the California Journalism Education Coalition. Metzker has presented seminars and workshops for the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, California College Media Association, College Media Association, Associated Collegiate Press, National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. He is the outreach chairman for the Department of Journalism and Public Relations, working with high school newspaper staffs in Los Angeles and Orange counties and he instructs at the Newspapers2 high school journalism boot camp in Long Beach during the summer. Metzker was editor-in-residence at the Salem (Ore.) Statesman-Journal in 2013 and was the keynote speaker at the University of Oregon’s Next Gen Storytelling workshop last June.

JOURNALISM G180 – 3 Units
Course Outline (opens new window)
Introduction to Mass Communications
(Formerly known as: Journalism G160/Humanities G160)
A survey of the major forms of mass media and their influence on the artistic, cultural and social expression of contemporary society. An evaluation and appreciation of advertising, propaganda, public relations, magazines, newspapers, books, radio, television, film, recorded music and the Internet, including the impact of social media. Students will learn to analyze and identify trends, cause and effect and ethical issues in the mass media to help them become critical consumers of the media.. C-ID JOUR 100 Lecture. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU; UC.

JOURNALISM G185 – 3 Units
Course Outline (opens new window)
Writing for News Media
(Formerly known as: BVP G111)
Students will develop the skills which are needed to organize and write stories for print and broadcast media, including newspapers, radio, television and magazines. This includes extensive exercises in writing, interviewing and other skills, including working with sound and pictures recorded in the field. Students will also develop a knowledge of the ethics and law of print and broadcast news. Lecture. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.

JOURNALISM G284 – 2 Units
Course Outline (opens new window)
Newspaper Production
Class members will help produce The Western Sun. All class members required to attend regular staff meetings. Emphasis will be placed on creation, revision and preparation for publication of the campus newspaper/website. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade.Transferable to CSU.

JOURNALISM G285 – 3 Units
Course Outline (opens new window)
Newspaper Production, Advanced
This is a course in newspaper production. Class members will produce The Western Sun campus newspaper and website. Students will learn to write articles and take photographs for news,opinion, arts/entertainment and sports sections of the newspaper and website. Students will work on special projects related to the newspaper or website. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.

JOURNALISM G286 – 1 Unit
Course Outline (opens new window)
Western Sun Editorial Board
Editorial board members will be responsible for directing production of The Western Sun. Instructor approval required. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.

JOURNALISM G288 – 3 Units
Course Outline (opens new window)
Newspaper, Managing and Editing
All class members required to attend regular staff meetings. Class open to those students accepting editorial positions or special assignments on The Western Sun. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass grade. Transferable to CSU.

Conventional journalism jobs aren’t as common as they used to be. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or that obtaining a job as a journalist isn’t possible. With the decline of print and single specialty jobs, comes a rise of digital and multimedia journalism careers.

Possible Career Paths

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Communications
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Freelance Writing
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Newspaper Reporter
  • Photojournalism
  • Social Media
  • Sports Journalism