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Learning Resource Center (LRC) 129


What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an academic assistance program, based on the University of Kansas City-Missouri Supplemental Instruction model. PASS provides peer-led study groups that focus on integrating course content (what to learn) with study skills (how to learn). Study sessions are facilitated by PASS Leaders-students who have successfully completed the targeted course, or a similar course, and who have demonstrated subject matter competency. PASS provides an active learning environment that promotes students to work together and use each other as resources to better understand the course content. The PASS Leader facilitates the group study sessions using collaborative study techniques and strategies. Sessions last 50 minutes each and are held two times per week. During a typical PASS session, students compare and clarify lecture notes, review textbook readings, and discuss key concepts and difficult course content. PASS Leaders do not re-lecture, introduce new concepts, or help complete homework.

Does my class offer PASS?

View the PASS Schedule [Link] to see if your class offers PASS. As the program grows, we will be adding more disciplines and courses to our PASS program. If you are a faculty member and are interested in having PASS as part of your course, please contact Martha Bergman at for more information.

If my class doesn’t offer PASS, how can I receive academic support?

If PASS is not offered in your course, we recommend visiting the Tutorial & Learning Center or Writing and Reading Center in the Learning Resources Center (LRC) 129 for additional help.

Can I be a PASS Leader?

To apply for a position as a PASS leader, use the Student Employee application under Job Opportunities via the Learning Resources tab on the GWC website.  Indicate your interest in PASS under “Other” in the “Check positions you are interested in” box on the application.