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How much money will I receive from my VA education benefits? 

For current payment rates

Do I need to do anything else to get paid after I have completed the paperwork at the college Veterans Office? 

  1. You must verify your enrollment to the VA via the GWC Veteran's Certifying Official, Adele Dick, every semester,

  2. You must notify the college Veterans Office each semester you wish your educational benefits to be continued,
  3. You must notify the college Veterans Office if you add/drop a class, or withdraw from college. 

Can I get paid by VA for taking courses at another school at the same time I am taking courses at Golden West College? 

Yes, if the courses are equivalent to courses needed for your education goal. Contact the college Veterans Office for details and reporting requirements. 

Can my VA education benefit payments be suspended for any reason? 

Yes. If you are placed on academic/progress probation for 3 semesters, your VA education benefits will be suspended. 

Do I have to pay back the VA if I fail a class? 

If you fail a class, the college Veterans Office will send you a letter asking you to document your attendance in the class. As long as 1) you attended the class for the entire term, and (2) returned the letter citing this attendance to the college Veterans Office, you will not have to pay the VA back. 

How do I get another DD214 if I lost mine? 

For information on replacing a DD214, go to this website:

Can I get college credit for my military service? 

GWC will award six units of general elective units when you complete the Associate in Arts Degree. 

How can I get questions answered for my specific situation? 

The college Veterans Office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday. No appointment is necessary. Come in, or call us at
(714) 895-8140.