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Vet Net Ally

The mission of the VET NET Ally Program is to:

  • establish a network of visible Allies to provide support, information, and assistance for service members and veterans;
  • provide service members and veterans with comfortable access to trustworthy, knowledgeable, and sensitive people who can provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment;
  • provide an opportunity for GWC faculty and staff to demonstrate support for service members and veterans;
  • provide all students on campus an opportunity to respond to instances of discrimination or harassment based on perceived or self-reported status as a service member or veteran;
  • educate members of the college community about the needs and concerns of service members and veterans;
  • assist college personnel in understanding that discrimination based on status as a service member or veteran is harmful to the campus environment for all;
  • foster a campus atmosphere that supports the academic freedom and professional, personal and social success of service members and veterans; and
  • advance the college’s progress towards a campus that discourages discrimination and openly celebrates diversity.

Seminar Information
The Golden West College VET NET Ally Program is modeled after the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) VET NET Ally program founded by Marshall Thomas, Ph.D.  GWC faculty, staff, and administrators can become a veteran “ally” by attending a half-day seminar, which includes:

  • VET NET Ally program mission and GWC’s approach to assisting veterans in their academic pursuits
  • Veterans experiences in the classroom
  • Military and post-service culture
  • Why I joined
  • Who would you tell? – An experiential activity addressing the reasons men and women may or may not talk about their military experience
  • Veterans issues in Higher Education
  • Student veteran panel
  • Being an Ally

At the end of the seminar, participants are given a decal to display in their office, classroom,  workspace let student veterans know they are sensitive to their needs and are prepared to act as an “ally” to GWC’s student veterans and willing to help them succeed.

Golden West College Vet Net Allies:
Heather Antunez
Denise Bon
Chad Bowman
Wes Bryan
Desire Campusano
Alison Carlock
Meredith Carr
Michael Carrizo
Diana Castellanos
Sonia Cazarez
Ryan Chung
Sheila Cox
Jason Deitrich
Adele Dick
Karen Dickerson
Angie Goetz
Sara Head
Damien Jordan
Jill R. Kiefer
Alana Krause
Tannia Martinez
Carla Martinez
April Millikan
Sacha Moore
Diem Nancy Nguyen
Christina Oja
Jennifer Ortberg
Nikki Phan
Tracee Phomprasack
Bruce A. Smith
Linda Ternes
Cheryl Tittle
Chan Tran
Phien Tran
Tien Tran
Tere Vasquez
Valerie Venegas
Jennifer Wilcox
Savannah Zubia