Student Services Online Resources

Office of the
Vice President

Claudia Lee - Student Services Team

Claudia Lee, Ed.D.
Vice President, Student Services
Office: (714) 892-7711 x55305

Jill Kiefer - Student Services Team

Jill Kiefer
Administrative Assistant to the
Vice President

Office: (714) 892-7711 x55305

Office of the Vice President of Student Services

VP Student Services Management Team

Chad Bowman - Student Services Team

Chad Bowman, Ed.D.
Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS)
Direct: (714) 895-8966
Office: (714) 895-8721

Robyn Brammer - Student Services Team

Robyn Brammer, Ph.D.
Dean of Counseling
& Social Sciences

Office: (714) 892-7711 x55029

Ava Burns - Student Services Team

Ava Burns
Manager, Enrollment Services
Office: (714) 895-8121

Adrianne Burton - Student Services Team

Adrienne Burton
Director, Financial Aid
Office: (714) 892-7711 x55103

Frank Cirioni - Student Services Team

Frank Cirioni
Director, Student Life & Leadership
Office: (714) 895-8700

Susana Castellanos-Gaona - Student Services Team

Susana Castellanos-Gaona, Ed.D.
Manager, Student Success and
Support Program (SSSP)
& Student Equity

Office: (714) 892-7711 ext. 55301

Andrea Garcia - Manager, Financial Aid

Andrea Garcia
Manager, Financial Aid
Office: (714) 892-7711 x55107

Melissa Lyon - Student Services Team

Melissa Lyon
Director, Center for
Global & Cultural Programs

Office: (714) 895-8284

Carla Martinez - Student Services Team

Carla R. Martinez
Dean of Students
Office: (714) 895-8705

Jennifer Ortberg - Student Services Team

Jennifer Ortberg
Director, Admissions & Records
Office: (714) 895-8965

Christina Ryan Rodriguez - Dean of Enrollment Services

Christina Ryan Rodriguez
Dean of Enrollment Services
Office: (714) 895-8128

Natalie Timpson - Student Services Team

Natalie Timpson, MSC-SDHE
Director, EOPS/CARE/NextUp/Guardian Scholars
Office: (714) 895-8992