Arts & Letters Division

The Division Office is located in the Fine Arts Courtyard

Arts and Letters Division

The Arts and Letters Division consists of all departments in The Arts and Languages: Fine Arts, Dance, Theater, Music, English, English Second Language (ESL), World Language, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, and Peace Studies.

The Art Department offers courses and degrees in Studio Art and Art History. Classes are inherently culturally stimulating and we strive to educate our students about art making traditions from all over the world.  Studio courses include 2D Design, 3D Design, Ceramics, Drawing, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

The Theater Arts department offers an Associate Degree for Transfer in Theater Arts (ADT), an Associate of Arts in Theater Arts, and a Certificate of Achievement in Scenic, Lighting and Projection Design. Students prepare for transfer education and/or careers related to theatrical history and literature, performance, design/technology, and management. Theater Arts majors are introduced to theatrical history and literature; scenic, costume, lighting, sound, projection and make-up design and technology; and acting, directing, and management through coursework and production opportunities.

The Music Department provides a strong and focused program that includes opportunities for student majors and non-majors alike, offering a variety of academic and performance courses that support General Education (G.E.), Music Associates Degrees (A.A.), and Music Associates Degrees for Transfer (A.D.T.). The recently instituted A.D.T. offers a required course of study preparing students to meet discipline-specific entrance requirements for transfer to a CSU campus, as well as most Music programs at 4-year colleges and universities.

The Dance Program includes general education, education for an A.A. with a major in Dance curriculum, and transfer to upper-division at colleges and universities. The program is designed to guide students as they develop individual strengths, acquire new skills, and discover hidden talents.

The English Department offers courses for native speakers and advanced second language students, including developmental courses in reading and writing, college-level composition courses for transfer and Associate degree students, and courses in creative writing and literature.

ESL classes emphasize the language, culture, and study skills needed to be successful in an American college classroom and beyond. The Department profoundly impacts the college by serving local residents and international students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. For many ESL students, the Department provides an introductory college experience and affords an important instructional and cultural orientation for future educational and income-related opportunities.

The World Language Department offers Associate degrees in World Language, Spanish, Vietnamese, and French. The courses  The courses also meet general requirements for transfer to 4-year colleges and universities, and the course descriptions are reviewed frequently to meet the articulation requirements.

The Peace Studies program provides formal training for students, including potential leaders, with peacemaking and conflict management skills they can apply to daily life situations, regardless of their academic disciplines or chosen professions. The program has been developed to provide an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of conflict, violence, peace, justice and sustainability. Such an approach is essential in view of the highly complex, interconnected, interdependent world in which we live. This requires an understanding that allows people to respond creatively, rather than thoughtlessly, to conflict and violence at various levels.


Arts and Letters 

Dr. David Hudson, Dean

Division Coordinator
Laurie Camody