ASGWC – Meet the Candidates

Dear Golden West College Students,

The Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC) is hosting a General Election from April 26, 2021 to midnight, April 30, 2021. We ask for your participation in this election to vote for your 2021-2022 Student Council Officers.

Your ballot will be emailed to your student email. If you have any questions or concerns casting your vote please email

ASGWC Student Body President

Kaly Mendoza - ASGWC Prez candidate.jpg

Kaly Mendoza

Running for ASGWC Student Body President, 

As ASGWC Student Body President, my first priority is uniting the campus with a sense of community and welcoming an all-inclusive space for each and every student regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, religious, or otherwise diverse backgrounds. I aim to ensure every voice from marginalized groups on campus is amplified. As a current first-year student double-majoring in STEM, I guarantee my utmost commitment to every responsibility entrusted to me. Since starting at Golden West College last semester, I have developed and exercised leadership skills as Vice Chair of ASGWC Sustainability Committee, President of Young Democrats of America Club, Community Coordinator of Black Student Union, an active member of Alpha Gamma Sigma, and a delegate on ASGWC College Life Committee. I have also worked on the Peace Studies Program Vitality Review as the student representative in a committee composed of faculty and staff. Each one of these positions has allowed me to learn and collaborate in order to make interpersonal connections necessary to create intersectional inclusivity.

Learning is a lifelong journey; with the opportunities I will present as president, I invite you to join in on the adventure. Allowing me to represent the student body as president means council meetings becoming more accessible for students to join at public comment for any questions or concerns, initiating conversations in safe spaces that start dialogues among diverse groups, and opening communication lines between students, faculty, and staff to ensure that students stay informed with any changes in policy that may affect them. In addition, whether we are virtual or on-campus, I want us to enjoy the college experience! This means hosting events, games, hangouts, movie screenings, and informative sessions on any topics of interest to the student body. Hosting TED Talks is a specific activity I would especially love to bring to campus, that would encourage both learning and entertainment. It is not my intention to work for you, but to work with you. With me as your ASGWC student body president, we are an us.

Executive Vice President

Alex Gonzales - ASGWC VP candidate.jpg

Alex Gonzales

Running for ASGWC Executive Vice President, 

I believe a representative on the student council for those who feel lost or badly in need of a hand to reach out to is imperative. During my first four semesters of college I floated by aimlessly; without a singular thought--let alone any motivation, I felt immensely out of place at GWC. The state of my mental health plummeted and my GPA was no better. I wish I could've pinned the responsibility on a global pandemic withering away the condition of my mental health, but the seeds had been planted years prior. Lacking the cognizance that I had people to turn to, I remained hidden and in this constant suffering. During my time as ASGWC EVP, I will strive towards making the students who feel hopeless, lost, and scared, instead feel as though they truly have a path towards health and prosperity.

As a third year student at GWC, I made the long overdue decision to become involved in student organizations. Quickly becoming the Vice President of the BSU and the Secretary of the Peace and Leadership, I've had to work completely out of my comfort zone and hold responsibility over multiple groups of students on campus. This experience was an exciting challenge, but immensely humbling. I've had to learn when not to talk, how to learn from peers, and most importantly, listen towards criticism and what those around me had to say. As a student leader, I can only take what I've been able to garner and expand upon it further, ensuring that students actually feel heard and cared for when speaking.

My three goals are as listed:

  1. Make certain that students who feel that they are struggling, lost, and/or helpless, know that they have a pathway and resources to turn towards. It is of absolute importance to me that students know whatever challenges they're facing can and will be fixed by the incredible faculty on campus. I wish I had someone reach out and help me with my hardships sooner.
  2. Acknowledge and work towards eliminating the wealth disparity between the sister colleges of the CCCD. As a student duel-enrolled in OCC and GWC, there is an outrageous and worrying difference in the funds directed towards the students and infrastructures of both campuses. During my time in student council, I want the district to operate in a manner which does not favor economically higher classes and neighborhoods. I believe all students deserve the same quality of education, regardless of income, location, and demographics.
  3. On top of reaching out to those who feel they are struggling with mental health, I also want it known to the Filipino, Mexican, and LGBTQ+ communities that someone like them is representing them in the student council. Knowing the importance of various perspectives and how I differ from someone who has not faced the adversity I have, only drives me further towards making sure that those voices are heard.

VP of Financial Affairs

Damjan Nastic - ASGWC VP Finance candidate.jpg

Damjan Nastic

Running for ASGWC Vice President of Financial Affairs, 

I have a deep passion for math, economics, and serving within the ASGWC community. As a member of the Finance Commission, I have not only thoroughly enjoyed my position, but have gained valuable experience that would enable me to best execute the duties of the Vice President of Financial Affairs. In addition to my service on the Finance Commission, I am also the treasurer of the AGS honors society and serve as a delegate on the ASGWC Student Interest Committee. I plan to use my qualifications and experiences to improve vital student services for our community and elevate the voices of all students.

There is a lot of work left to be done within the Finance Commission. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented emotional, educational, and economic hardship for all students and staff. With nationwide vaccine distribution accelerating, I plan to adequately fund all of our essential departments, such as athletics, and diligently utilize every ounce of my authority to work alongside GWC leadership to ensure a safe, swift return to campus for all of our students. Alongside this effort, I will also advocate for the construction of an on-campus Starbucks Cafe. I understand how much an area to socialize, study, and enjoy great coffee would mean to college students.

Finally, I plan on involving more students in the ASGWC decision process by actively seeking public feedback and shedding light on opportunities for students to engage in the governing process at GWC. With a strong, organized student voice it will be infinitely easier to pass any ambitious agenda. Together, we can create a campus that works for all of us.

VP of Student Advocacy

Nardeen Gerges - ASGWC VP Student Advocacy candidate.jpg

Nardeen Gerges

Running for ASGWC VP of Student Advocacy, 

I am applying for this position because I believe that I can help make a difference on our campus. During this past year, we have learned, more than ever before, the importance of using our voices to advocate for change. This role is crucial in keeping the student body informed and helping others. I have spent the past year in different ASGWC committees learning as much as I can. I started on the publicity committee in the fall semester as a senator. I enjoyed it so much and I knew I couldn't’t limit myself to only one committee. I then began to go to all SIC meetings without getting officially ratified. I spent the majority of the fall semester learning about SIC and how it functioned. I loved the current Vice President of Student Advocacy’s passion and commitment to helping others. Thankfully, my academic work also plays into this role well. I am double majoring in Political Science and Sociology while minoring in Law, Public Policy, and Society. I am also a delegate in the Student Senate, the president of the Black Student Union, a member of the Peace and Leadership club, a member of the Young Democrats of America club, a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, and a member of the Smoke Free Task Force. I am a devoted student and I genuinely enjoy my time at school. I want to make sure that everyone has the same positive experience I’ve had. Three of my goals are to keep students informed, have a place for students to voice concerns, and create leadership opportunities for students. I plan to keep students up-to-date on recent news. I also want to ensure that all students know they can come to our committee if they want to work with us or want us to cover specific topics that matter to them. I will do my best to allow delegates in this committee to work on their leadership skills and grow. Overall, I believe that unity and knowledge can guide us.

VP of Club Affairs

Lalo Velasco - ASGWC VP Club Affairs candidate.jpg

Lalo Velasco

Running for ASGWC VP of Club Affairs,

I am applying for VP of Club Affairs because clubs are essential for the college experience. Ever since I was in high school I have either been a part of clubs or created them. By the time I graduated high school I was a part of 5 clubs, founder of one, VP of another. I was also in my school's senate, ASB and Link-Crew. After High School I became the External Vice President of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club where I was tasked with increasing club membership and I did by 10%. I also serve as a fundraising chair for the Progressive Caucus of California Young Democrats. I have proven to be a capable student by being able to join the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society. My three goals will be assisting clubs with increasing their membership by at least 20%. The second would be connecting clubs with the community. For example connecting the Free Your Lungs Task Force with The Real Cost, and work at promoting a joined event. My third would be working with local businesses on increasing the amount of revenue for clubs. What that might look like is simply creating fliers for students to pass around in the community of a business and if they present the flier a portion of the amount would go to the club. In exchange the business will receive a receipt for a write off in their taxes. I hope this is enough to earn your vote!

VP of Public Relations

Mimi Luc - ASGWC VP Publicity candidate.jpg

Mimi Luc

Running for ASGWC VP of Public Relations, 

  1. As a first-year student coming to college during the pandemic, I thought that I would be missing out on many opportunities and events that usually happen on campus. But thanks to the constant promotion of the ASGWC's Publicity Committee on social platforms and newsletters, I was able to gain more knowledge on the events happening at Golden West College and become more virtually involved on campus. 
    I am applying for this position because I would like to promote all the activities and events that our campus faculties and students have created to make the college life of our students more enjoyable. Building relationships is one of the perks for college students; therefore, I believe this position would allow me to become a connection bridge for all students to make friends and create unforgettable memories.
  2. Back when I was in high school, I have been creating pamphlets, posters, social media posts, and a few other marketing tools for my online tutoring project of the National Honor Society, for the Art Honor Society organization, for the freshmen orientation event, and for my dance team's audition. Currently at Golden West College, I often use my social media account and GWC app to post information about Alpha Gamma Sigma's activities and events.
  3. In this position with the publicity committee members, my first goal is to effectively promote the activities and events that ASGWC and Golden West College will be hosting so that more students would be able to become actively involved in campus events. Recognizing the latest trends and demands of students is also a crucial factor in marketing campus events. Since all the voices and inputs of our students are very valuable, my second goal in the committee is to acquire feedback from students as well as update our marketing tactics with popular but appropriate trends to maintain the student's interests on our campus’ events. And finally, as a representative of public relations, my third goal is to obtain and maintain the connections between the college and the students of Golden West College and fulfill all other related responsibilities in the most professional way possible.