Language Arts Complex- Measure M: Asphalt restoration will be completed in the corridor between the Humanities and Health Science buildings on Monday. Trucks will be entering and exiting the area from parking lot C, and the affected corridor will be blocked off to pedestrian traffic. Additional construction activity will begin on Monday in the old CJ area to prepare swing space for necessary relocations due to upcoming demolitions. Construction vehicles will enter from parking lot F. Please exercise caution and avoid these areas on campus. The noise level is expected to be moderate due to large equipment for these activities. (See attached map [PDF] for work areas and construction vehicle routes).

Classroom Improvements- Measure M: The summer mod to upgrade AV/IT equipment in select classrooms across campus is underway. The noise level is expected to be low for these activities.

Campus: There are currently no Campus projects that impact the Community or Campus at this time.

General Note: For any additional questions or clarifications, please email Mike Golden at for Measure M projects, Frank Fonseca at for Campus projects.