Is the Golden West College campus shut down?

Is the campus entirely shut down?

The campus is closed, aside from the presence of a few essential employees who are onsite to maintain college operations. However, classes have transitioned online and many student services are still available via email, phone, chat and video conferencing.

Does anyone at Golden West College or the District have the virus?

Currently, there are no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 at Golden West College or in the Coast District. The Colleges and District are following guidance and recommendations from national, state and local public health agencies. The OC Health Care Agency will provide any necessary information regarding confirmed cases.

Visit for the most up to date information.

Are all classes now online?

Yes. GWC has moved all classes online beginning April 1 for the remainder of Spring semester and all of Summer session as well.

Have college events like Graduation, performances and Athletic events been canceled?

(Update as of May 13, 2020) Unfortunately, all on-campus events through the end of the semester have been canceled or postponed. All athletics and performing arts events have also been canceled, along with all spring sports. As we are no longer allowing visitors on campus, all events for the public are canceled. Some workshops may be offered online. Check the GWC calendar for the latest updates.

Regarding Graduation, GWC will be offering an online celebration for our graduates. Please check your student email for instructions on how to participate in the online celebration. All graduates are also invited to participate in the formal commencement ceremony in Spring 2021. For additional information regarding graduation, please visit the GWC Graduation website at

I don't have a laptop. What can I do?

Chromebooks are available to students. Please submit a request to Dr. Susana Castellanos-Gaona at

How do I get free or reduced-cost internet access?

Some service providers are providing internet access free of charge or at a reduced rate.

Charter – Charter is offering free access for 60 days to households with college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Additionally, all WiFi hotspots are now free of charge.

Comcast – Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Comcast is offering two months of free Internet service through the Internet Essentials program. This offer is available to new and existing customers. Additionally, Xfinity Wifi hotspots are now available free of charge to the public.

T-Mobile – T-Mobile is providing unlimited data to all current customers who have plans with data for the next 60 days. It will also provide additional data to mobile hotspot users.

Sprint – Sprint is providing unlimited data for 60 days to customers with metered data plans and giving 20 GB of free mobile hotspot to customers with hotspot-capable devices.

What other kinds of help and resources are available to students?

For a list of available assistance opportunities, visit our Student Services Online Resources. Technology resources, including access to Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud software for your home computer can be found by clicking here.

Is the Student Health Center still open?

Yes.The Health Center has remote services available to GWC students by appointment only for non-emergency mental health concerns or acute non-emergency medical conditions (such as a cold, sore throat, rash, bladder infection, etc.).You can get mental health therapy with a therapist, a medical visit with a doctor, or phone advice from a nurse by calling (714) 895-8379.However, if you have a medical or mental health emergency (ex: suicidal thoughts), please call 911 or the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-877-727-4747).


Who should I contact if I have questions about my classes(es)?

You should talk to a counselor by calling (714) 895-8119 x.1.Counselors can be reached via email, phone, chat and video conferencing and are ready to answer all your questions.

How will I continue to take classes for the remainder of the semester?

Classes will be taught remotely for the remainder of spring using the colleges online learning management system called Canvas. Log into MyGWC and click on the Canvas link.

I need help with a class. Is tutoring available?

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers free remote tutoring for GWC students. To access this valuable resource, enroll in LRSK 921/921N (zero unit classes) and register for an account on WC Online.

Enroll in LRSK 921 & 921N:

    1. Log into MyGWC
    2. CLick registration on the left side
    3. Under registration tools, click add or drop classes
    4. Enter CRN #s 60289 and 60580
    5. Click finalize add/drop

Register for WC online:

    1. Go to
    2. Click register for an account
    3. Complete the form and click complete registration

Important :

    • You must present your ID card upon entering the ASC
    • Tutoring appointments can be up to a week in advance and canceled/changed with at least 24 hours notice.
    • For more assistance call 714-895-8904 or email

NOTE: If you are military connected, the Veteran Resource Center has veteran specific tutoring for Math and English and can also help with online course navigation. Please contact David Negreros at or Nicholas Cardiel at

Is this transition to remote learning going to diminish the value of my degree?

No. There will be no distinction made on transcripts that indicate the delivery method of coursework. If you've applied for Fall 2020 transfer and have concerns about how this could impact your admissions, please contact the Transfer Center or call (714) 895-8794.

Is the Bookstore still open?

The bookstore will remain closed to students until further notice. However, their staff is on-campus fulfilling and shipping online orders starting March 23, 2020. To place an order online, please visit the bookstore website. Online textbook buy backs are still available. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Are library services available online?

You can access the GWC Library remotely. You may access our library databases by visiting the GWC Library website and using your MyGWC username and password to login. For more information on additional services from our reference librarians, please send a text to (714) 882-5425, or access Library Chat on the GWC Library Homepage. You may also visit Online Library Student Resources for more information about online library resources.

Online Reference Help Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00pm

Friday- 8:00-12:30pm.

Saturday & Sunday-Closed

What should I do about books I checked out from the library?

If any student has materials from the Library, they can return them when the campus is re-opened. No fines will be incurred. Messages/reminders about overdue items are generated automatically students are directed to disregard those.

Am I eligible for a refund on my parking permit due to the campus closure caused by the COVID-19 outbreak?

(Updated as of May 15, 2020) GWC will be providing a 50% refund ($15 total) to students who purchased a Spring 2020 parking permit. An email will be sent to your student e-mail account with more information in the upcoming weeks.

How will I get my AA or Certificate if the campus is closed?

Spring graduates will receive their diplomas via mail in the following Fall semester. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date through your MyGWC portal. If you need proof of graduation before diplomas are mailed, your award will be on your transcript immediately following the final evaluation of your degree. If you have any questions please contact Christy Banales, Graduation Specialist, at Additionally, we anticipate Fall graduates will receive their diplomas in the summer session. Graduates will be notified via email when they are mailed.

How can I apply to graduate?

(Updated as of May 15, 2020) The spring graduation filing period has passed. Petitions to graduate will be accepted online at /graduation beginning July 1.

Im thinking about dropping my classes this semester. What should I do? Who should I talk to?

If you are receiving financial aid, you should work with the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of dropping your classes. You should talk to a counselor by calling (714) 895-8799 or /counseling/

Will Summer 2020 classes be held online?

Yes, all classes will be conducted online/remote.

How can I get in contact with the Financial Aid Department office?

The Financial Aid department is reachable through:

Email (

Phone (714-892- 7711) and

through our Virtual Counter (Cranium Cafe –

Please also click on the following link for Financial Aid FAQs:


Who can I contact if I am at risk of being Homeless?

Please contact the GWC Homeless Liaison:

Andrea Garcia (714) 892-7711 Ext. 55107 |

(Email is preferred method of communication to set up an appointment)

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I will be dropping my course(s) due to COVID-19. What will happen?

If you have documentation that shows you have contracted COVID-19 or are the primary caregiver of someone who contracted COVID-19 and must withdraw from your course(s) you may petition for an Excused Withdrawal. This will be depicted on your transcript as an EW as opposed to a W. Please see below for other occurrences that a student may petition for an Excused Withdrawal:

A job transfer outside of the geographical region

An illness in the family where the student is the primary caregiver

When the student who is incarcerated in a California state prison or county jail is released from custody or involuntarily transferred before the end of the term**

When the student is the subject of an immigration action

Or verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student making course completion impracticable.

How do I submit a request for an Excused Withdrawal EW due to COVID-19?

Contact Ava Burns, Manager of Enrollment Services, at

I want to change to P/NP. Can I still do that?

Deadlines for P/NP can be found on your web schedule bill. Directions for locating your web schedule bill can be found at /admissions/web-schedule-bill/.

What is the deadline to drop my course(s) due to COVID-19?

Students have 6 months from the end of the semester they are requesting an excused withdrawal for to submit their petition.

How long will it take for my request to be processed?

Please allow for up to two weeks for your form to be processed.

Could there be any consequences to dropping my class(es) with an excused withdrawal EW?

Students need to speak with the appropriate departments to understand their individual circumstances concerning degree completion, athletic eligibility, financial aid implications (such as being required to pay back money received through financial aid awards), and other implications not listed. Please contact the appropriate departments with questions and concerns prior to dropping your course(s).Once your petition is approved the action is final and cannot be reversed.

I dropped my course with a W. Am I eligible for an excused withdrawal EW?

If you believe you qualify for an Excused Withdrawal contact Ava Burns at

I still have more questions, Who can I speak with regarding my individual circumstance?

Please contact Admissions & Records Specialist, Patrick Milius at

For more information:

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How do I speak with a Counselor?

GWC Counselors are available to support you with your educational goals. You may call (714) 895-8799 or you may ask a counselor a question via email or via videoconferencing. You can call the office between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, and any voicemail message left will be responded to on a daily basis.

Counseling services can be accessed in the following ways:

Schedule an Appointment:Contact the Counseling Center by phone at (714) 895-8119 x.1 or /counseling/

Appointments will be conducted by phone and/or online depending on the needs and desires of the student. Please note that a computer or smart device will be needed for online appointments.

Speak with a Drop-in Counselor Online (during business hours):

Speak with a Drop-in Counselor by Phone (during business hours):Contact the Counseling Center by phone at (714) 895-8799 and ask to be placed on a call-back list.

Email a Counselor:Counselors can be reached via email at

How long will my appointment with the counselor be?

General counseling appointments will be scheduled for one hour.

Should I go to campus for my counseling appointment?

No, the campus is closed until further notice. This means that all counseling appointments will be held through Zoom, Cranium Cafe, or a phone call.

Who should I contact if I am an International Student?

International students may schedule counseling appointments by phone: 714-895-8146 or email:

Who should I contact if I am an Athlete?

Student athletes should reach out to our Athletic Counselor, Mike Miles:

Who should I contact if I am in the DSPS program?

You can schedule a remote counseling appointment with DSPS or call 714-895-8131.

Who should I contact if I am in the EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP/GUARDIAN SCHOLARS program?

You can schedule a remote counseling appointment with a counselor or call 714-895-8768.

Who should I contact if I am a Veteran?

For veteran related resources, please contact the Veterans Resource Center for a remote appointment. Phone: 714-892-7711 ext. 55144. Email:

To speak with someone regarding your benefits or certification please contact Sonia Cazarez at

When does Summer registration begin?

Summer registration begins April 13, 2020. Check your MyGWC portal for your registration date/time.

How do I check my registration date/time?

    1. Log into MyGWC
    2. Click on Registration on the left-hand side
    3. Click on View my Eligibility

How do I find my SEP (Student Educational Plan)?

    1. Log into MYGWC
    2. Click on My SITES – Select GWC
    3. Click on DEGREE WORKS – This is where you can find your SEP (Student Educational Plan)
    4. Look for PLANS and NOTES tabs for detailed information. Refer to your SEP when registering for classes.

What do I do if I have transcripts that need to be evaluated?

Students needing transcript evaluations should:

    1. Electronically send in their official transcripts to GWC Enrollment Services and then
    2. Contact Counseling to schedule an appointment. When making the appointment, let the staff member know that you would like to have your transcripts evaluated.

GWC Counseling:

(714) 895-8119 x.1 or

If you are interested in sending official transcripts to Golden West College, please select the electronic delivery option. This will ensure we are able to receive your transcript during the on-campus closure. Transcripts sent by mail will be attached to your student record during the summer session.

Please be patient through this time as some of our normal business practices are being impacted by COVID-19.If you have any questions or would like more information from Admissions & Records, you may contact:

GWC Counseling:

(714) 895-8119 x.1 or

Are you still processing overload petitions?

Yes. This process is being done electronically. Please complete the overload petition found at GWC-Student-Petition-for-Overload-REV-6.pdf and email it to Patrick Milius at

What do I do if I am placed on academic probation?

Students who are placed on Academic Probation/Disqualification should check their GWC Student email and review the letter.The letter will have directions on how to review the Probation and/or DQ workshop modules within Canvas.

I am new to the college and would like to find out about Math and English placement.

Please click here to start your Math and English Placement.

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I applied to the university and had my offer rescinded. What can I do?

Please contact Yvonne Portillo, the Transfer Coordinator for assistance with the process. She will re-evaluate your documents and see if you are eligible for an appeal.

When can I apply to the university?

The next transfer application cycle will begin in August for Spring 2021 CSU admission. We will be posting application workshop dates by the end of June. Please check the Transfer Center website for dates and information on how to register.

What are the services that the Transfer Center offers?

We help you navigate all resources to browse 4-year universities and find colleges that work for you, like, to help you reach your transfer goals after GWC. We can help you with your applications to UC, CSU, Private and Out of State universities and colleges. We also help students with TAG for UCs.

How do I make an appointment with a transfer college/university representative?

We can help you with a virtual appointment for our local universities. Please contact us at to request an appointment with UC Irvine, Brandman University, Chapman University, Western Governors University, Biola University, National University, University of LaVerne, Azusa Pacific University, DeVry University.

Who can help me figure out which courses I need to take to transfer?

Schedule an appointment with a GWC counselor via to map out your transfer requirements and create a Student Educational Plan. If you have a quick question about transfer requirements, you can reach one of our transfer counselors at:

What do I need to do to transfer to a UC/CSU?

To get started on preparing for transfer, take a look at the requirements for a CSU or UC campus.Information is also available for Private Colleges and Universities and Out of State Colleges.

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When should I call my doctor about COVID-19?

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.

If I have insurance should I call my primary care doctors office first?

Yes. Please call your primary care physician’s office. If your primary care physician is not available, please call one of your local urgent care locations. Do not go directly to Urgent Care. To protect patients, staff, and the community, they are screening and advising all patients by phone.

Where can I go to get tested for COVID-19?

Guidelines on COVID-19 testing is evolving rapidly. Currently, the Public Health Department is the only agency that has testing materials. You can call the Orange County Health Care Agency(OCHCA) Referral Line at 800-564-8448, or go in person to the OCHCA located at 1725 W. 17th Street in Santa Ana. They are currently open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

What if I feel like I need emergency care?

If you decide that you need emergency care, you will be screened when you enter the Emergency Room. If you have respiratory symptoms, you will be given a mask to wear. If you have respiratory symptoms and meet the screening criteria for COVID-19, you will be given a mask and asked to wait outside of the waiting room. A nurse will come out to you and escort you to a patient room.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Fever and respiratory symptoms, including a cough and difficulty breathing. These can also be the symptoms of other common illnesses circulating in the community.

How can I help protect myself and my family?

There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends everyday preventive actions everyday preventive actions such as:

    1. Stay home. Do not leave except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas. Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.
    2. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, make sure to focus on your fingertips as these are the areas are most likely to come in contact with bacteria/viruses. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.
    3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
    4. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    5. Stay at least 6 feet away from others at all times.
    6. Stay home and do not travel when you are sick.
    7. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze then throw the tissue in the trash. Then wash your hands with soap and water.
    8. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

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