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Comprehensive Autism Program (CAP)

CAP is an Autism Spectrum (ASD) group that was developed by DSPS counselors & students in 2014. Since then, the program has evolved into a comprehensive support program for students on the spectrum. The program is facilitated by Denise Bon, Autism Spectrum Coordinator/Counselor and other experienced professionals. The primary focus of the program is to provide support to students and faculty and help students reach their academic goals. Students participate in academic support, workshops, presentations, and campus activities

DSPS - Puzzle program workshop

Program Perks

All students registered with DSPS with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis can participate in the following perks.

The LOOP - Within the weekly meetings, students develop skills necessary for social interactions with peers, professors and staff in order to ease stress and anxiety related to the college atmosphere. Effective learning and life strategies are explored through workshops, interactive games, team building exercises, and presentations. In addition, students benefit from social interaction, peer support and shared life experiences with other GWC students with ASD.

Each semester, students will be given a calendar of events and workshops. The LOOP meetings are held weekly on Fridays from 10am11:30 am. Meetings are located at LRC 250. Students can attend as many meetings/activities as they choose and can join The LOOP at any time during the semester. In addition to regular scheduled meetings, there will be some on-campus and off-campus events. Students will receive an email the week of the event and a reminder email. RSVPs are appreciated.


DSPS - Puzzle program workshop

The LOOP Topics

Smooth Transition from High School to College Back to School Time-Management Working in Groups- Team Building Self- Advocacy What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Relationships Managing Stress and Anxiety Social Media


Academic Counseling - Students will participate in individualized academic counseling and career counseling. In addition, students will have the option to meet with the same counselor throughout their academic career at GWC. All The LOOP students will have a comprehensive academic plan their first semester at GWC.

Disability Management - Students have priority to meet with a counselor for any success or difficulties they are having with navigating their classes and/or the GWC campus, A counselor will help facilitate conversations between students and professors/instructors if necessary.

Learning Disability Specialist - Students who have been previously diagnosed and/or believe they have a learning disability have the opportunity to meet with our LD specialist for academic accommodations and LD testing.

Academic Coaching - Students have the opportunity to participate in individual academic coaching. An academic coach helps students with organization, executive functioning skills, and successful study habits.

Parent Seminars - Parents are invited to attend a seminar at the beginning of Fall semester. The seminar is designed to promote student success for your son or daughter. Moreover, parents will gain information about our program, services, and upcoming events.

Autism Ally Week - Spring semester students can participate in week long activities that promote Autism acceptance and education for students, faculty and staff at GWC.

Note to Parents: High School to college life can be a difficult transition for both parents and students. Please feel free to contact a counselor, if you have questions! We do not recommend that you contact professors/instructors directly, rather direct your questions/concerns to DSPS and we can assist your son or daughter as how to best approach their instructors.