GWC Students Advocate for Millions of Unused Lottery Funds

Assembly Bill No. 2884 infoAssembly Bill No. 2884 Overview Assembly Bill No. 2884 relates to the 1984 California State Lottery Act. This was intended to give more money to schools without adding extra taxes. This bill’s purpose is to enact legislative action to ensure that restricted lottery funds are spent in full for the benefit of students. The majority of the money that is put towards community colleges comes from federal funds and property taxes through (Proposition 98), they also receive money through very restricted lottery funds. The lottery funds they receive are unusable for anything other than instructional materials, this is due to section 8880.4 (of the California State Lottery Act). Between the years 2017-2018, $87,894,078 were unusable due to the restrictions on the lottery funding. This Assembly Bill’s purpose is to find new legislation that would expand the usage of the lottery funds to make them available not only for instructional materials but also for direct aid to community college students in the form of housing and food assistance.

To read the full Assembly Bill No. 2884 click this link

To read the full California State Lottery Act click this link

If this is a cause you are interested in participating in please contact your local representative and let them know how you feel. Below is a guide to help you out.

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