Purchase Your Parking Permit

Fall 2021 Term
IMPORTANT: During the Fall 2021 phased re-opening period, a student parking permit will not be required. Student parking permits will be required starting Spring 2022.
MESSAGE FROM GWC PUBLIC SAFETY: Student Parking Permits will NOT be required for parking at Golden West College during the Fall 2021 semester. Daily or visitor parking permits will also not be required. Since no permit will be required your car will not be ticketed for not having a permit.
Be sure to follow all other parking regulations and only park in the Handicapped spaces if you have the appropriately issued placard. Do not park in the Fire Lanes marked by red painted curbs as they may result in a parking citation.
Beginning January 2, 2022, Student and Visitor parking permits will be required for the Spring 2022 semester. Please continue to check our website for the latest updates on parking.