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CCCD Student, Faculty, Staff and Emeritus Virtual Parking Permits – Available Now!

Parking Permit Required February 12, 2024
Those parking without a permit will be ticketed.

For Students, ​Faculty, Staff, and Emeritus Permits LOGIN to purchase your Virtual Parking Permit.

For Visitors Permits, SIGNUP to purchase your semester Virtual Parking Permit.

Virtual Permits

Coast Community College District Public Safety has launched a new parking management system at the District Offices, Orange Coast College, Golden West College, and Coastline College that has included the implementation of Virtual Permitting to replace physical permits. This system will improve and streamline the parking permitting process. There is no physical permit to be displayed. You would only need to register the vehicle(s) that you typically drive to campus, then your vehicle license plate will be counted using license plate recognition (LPR) as your parking permit.

Semester Rates
Permit Rate
Fall $40*
Spring $40*
Summer $20

* In accordance with Education Code Section 76360(c), students who receive financial assistance pursuant to any programs described in Education Code Section 76300(g) shall be exempt from parking fees that exceed $30 per semester.


What is Virtual Permitting?
How will Virtual Permitting work?
How does LPR work?
What will I like about Virtual Permitting?
Environmental Impact/Sustainability?
How will this be enforced by Campus Safety?
How will my license plate information be used?
How will Motorcycle permits be handled?
I am disabled and have disabled placard from the DMV. Do I also have to purchase a permit?
Will there be a permit that designates faculty and staff?
Will I receive a citation if my license plate is dirty or if I have a decorative cover?
Where can I find my online parking account to register my vehicle information?
What if I own more than one vehicle?
Where is my permit required?
What if I get a new license plate?
What if I have a personalized plate or special characters/symbols?
What happens if I do not have a virtual permit when I park? Will I receive a citation?
What happens if I don’t have access to a computer or phone?
What if I do not have a front license plate?
What if I have two vehicles listed on my virtual permit?
What if I have a brand-new vehicle?
What if I have a loaner vehicle or rental car?
What if two people have both purchased virtual permits, but also share the two vehicles?
Can I allow another person to use my virtual permit?
Can I park overnight on campus?

Please continue to check our Public Safety FAQs for the latest updates on parking.