Lenel Access Card Unlock, Lock and Double Tap Feature

FAQs about the Access Control System Cards

The recommended way to use the access cards is as follows:

    1. Before you use your card, turn the handle on the door. This will “wake-up” the batteries that go into a sleep-mode in order to conserve power.
    2. Then, present your card to the mechanism. The door system should now be “awake” and the lock with flash green indicating the door is now in the “open” mode for 5 seconds. You can enter and the door will remain in the “Card Access Only” mode (locked).  
    3. If you need to place a door in the unlocked mode for a meeting or the duration of a class, you can present the card two times and the door will flash green again and now the door will remain unlocked.   
    4. In order to lock the door when you leave please do not push the button on the inside. This is for emergencies only to allow you to lock the door from the inside.
      a. after you have closed the door using the door handle (takes it out of sleep-mode) while outside, present the card and the door will flash green recognizing your card, then present a second time and it will flash red indicating the door is now locked. Turn the handle to verify it is secure.

Do’s and Don’t:

  • Don’t prop open any door as it will trigger the alarm.
  • Don’t bend the card as the computer chip will not work
  • Don’t leave card in your car as the sun can cause damage.
  • Don’t let another Staff use or loan your card if he or she forgot their card. If something happens it will register to you. Call Public Safety Office for assistance.
  • If card is lost you must notify Public Safety ASAP so we can de-activate your card.