Megan's Law

The Public Safety Office is located in the center of the parking lot off Golden West Street. The office can be reached via telephone at: 714-895-8924.


California Penal Code Section 290(a) (1) requires convicted sex offenders to register as such while on campus at any state college or university. The requirement is for offenders to register with the local Post Certified Police Agency. Because the Golden West College Public Safety Department Officers are not sworn peace officers, sex offenders on campus must register with the Huntington Beach Police Department.

The following is an excerpt from information published by the Huntington Beach Police Department. It is provided as research material for those who require additional information on the release of Megan's Law information.


Megan's Law, also known as Penal code Section 290, was instituted to help protect the general public from individuals who have been convicted of a sex crime. These crimes range from misdemeanor indecent exposure to felony rape.

Upon their release from custody, sex offenders are required to register on an annual basis at the local law enforcement agency of the city in which they reside. The registrant must also provide information on their place of employment and what type of car(s) they drive. Failure to comply with ALL of the requirements can result in their arrest and subsequent re-incarceration.

Megan's Law also allows the local law enforcement agency to release identifying information on certain sex offenders, at the agency's discretion. This decision is based on the sex offenders current classification, past criminal history, and the likelihood of the subject to re-offend.


HBPD must balance the privacy rights of the offender with the publics need to protect itself. Further, there are different statutory classifications of offenders that come into play.

  1. Others are the least serious sex offenders. These offenders have been convicted of a single misdemeanor sex offense.
  2. Serious sex offenders are those who have been convicted of a single felony sex offense.
  3. High risk sex offenders have been convicted of at least one violent sex offense and several other non-sex offenses.

By law, personal information of offenders classified as Others cannot be released to the public. Information on all other classifications can be released at the discretion of the law enforcement agency following prescribed guidelines.

The HBPD investigator assigned to the 290 detail conducts a thorough threat assessment interview with each offender during their registration. Based on the offenders interview and past criminal history, a determination is made as to whether or not an information flyer on the subject should be issued to the public.


The abduction and murder of 7-year-old Megan Kanka by a convicted sex offender living quietly in her neighborhood enraged parents across the nation. Seven years later, more than two dozen states have Internet registry laws to let neighbors know when a sex offender moves in.

The Huntington Beach Police Department has installed a computer terminal that will allow access to the Megan's Law data base information.

The computer terminal is adjacent to the Detective Bureau Reception Desk, located on the second floor of the police station at 2000 Main Street. Huntington Beach residents will be able to access the information on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Anyone wishing to access the database must present a valid picture identification.

It is recommended that anyone with questions about this program call the Detective Bureau reception desk at (714) 536-5951.