Adding Classes Online

On-Line Registration:

Now that you have received your assigned student ID number and student portal (MyGWC) username, make sure to check your registration date. Your student portal (MyGWC) is where you will register for classes. Your Canvas account is where you will interact with the class once the semester has begun.

In-Person Registration:

Even though we do not offer in-person registration, you may visit Admissions and Records for any questions regarding registration. The only time we offer in-person registration is when an instructor gives you an add permit and you are unable to add the class online.

Late Registration:

Has the semester begun and you want to enroll into a course? You will be doing a late registration.

With the permission from the instructor, they will give you an add permit with an add code you will use to register online through your MyGWC. There is a deadline for this add permit, so be sure to register for the course as soon as you receive the add permit.

You should be aware that missing the first class meeting or meetings may severely affect your chances to succeed in the course.

NOTE: Students entering classes late are responsible for making up missed work and are responsible for all fee and refund deadlines associated with each class section.

Adding Waitlisted Classes

Did you view the Class Schedule to find that the CRN (class) you want is full and you must waitlist? Add the class as you normally would and it will give you the option to waitlist for the class. Keep in mind, you may not waitlist for the waitlisted CRN and register for the open CRN of the same course. You must choose one CRN.

Now that you are on the waitlist for the class, what happens? You will be notified through your email when there is an available seat. Your seat will be reserved for 24 hours. We recommend that you check your student email 2-3 times a day.

Did you waitlist for a science lab course, or a course that has a Corequisite? After you receive the waitlist email with your reserved seat, make sure you also apply the CRN of the corresponding science lecture course, or corresponding Corequisite when adding the class.

The semester is about to begin and you still have not received the waitlist email with your reserved seat. What can you do? If you are still on the waitlist when the semester begins, you may go to the class on the first day and petition with the instructor for an add code. You may petition for any course on its first day even if you are not on the waitlist. On the first day of class, kindly ask your instructor if there is a seat available for you.

NOTE: You may check your waitlist position on the Student Detail Schedule and Waitlist Position link on the Student Tab in your MyGWC account.

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Withdraw/Drop Classes

For detailed drop (also known as withdrawal) policies, please review your catalog under Policies and Standards for your student rights and regulations.

How do you withdraw or drop your classes? You may log onto your MyGWC to drop your classes. Please be cognizant of any drop date deadlines by checking the Class Schedule and clicking the CRN to view Critical Dates for this Course for the last day to add class, last day to drop with a refund, last day to drop without a W, last day to drop with a W.

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Error Messages While Adding Classes

Did you receive a corerequiste error or a prerequisite error

A prerequisite is a class that must be taken before a student can enroll into another class. (Ex. complete ENGL G100 before being able to enroll into ENGL G101)

A co-requisite is a class that must be taken at the same time as another class. (Ex. BIOL G225 and BIOL G225 lab must be taken as the same time).

Prerequisites and Co-Requisites are enforced at the time of registration

Students will not be able to enroll into a course that has a prerequisite or co-requisite until the prerequisite or co-requisite requirement has been cleared.

How do you check if the course has a corerequisite or prerequisite?

Click on the CRN of the class from the Class Schedule to see I your chosen course has a prerequisite.

Did you complete the prerequisite at another institution with a C or better?

Visit our online request to submit a prerequisite clearance request (please see below). You will have the opportunity to upload your unofficial transcript for us to review.

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Prerequisite Clearance Request

If you received a Prerequisite and Test Score Error during registration, please check the prerequisites by clicking on the CRN of your chosen course from the Class Schedule or review the Prerequisite Outline [PDF] for courses in BIOL, MATH, CHEM, PHYS.

In order to clear a prerequisite you will need to submit a Clearance Request Form and attach the proper documentation (i.e. transcripts, test scores)that demonstrates you have completed one of the following:

College Transcript (Official/Unofficial): Students who have successfully completed a prerequisite course with a C or better from an accredited college or university that is considered an equivalent course at GWC.

    1. A "C-" grade is not a passing grade at GWC and will not be accepted.
    2. Attempting a prerequisite class and withdrawing from the class with a "W" does not meet the criteria for clearing a prerequisite (A "W" is a notation not a grade).

Students may submit unofficial transcripts for prerequisite and co-requisite clearance ONLY. Students MUST submit official transcripts if they wish to receive course credit/units towards Degrees, Certificates or General Education Certification (CSU GE Breadth or IGETC).

AP Scores:Students who have taken AP tests in English, Psychology and/or Math with a score of 3 or higher.(AP Calculus AB. AP Calculus BC. AP English Literature and Composition. AP English Language and Composition exam. AP Psychology).

To access your AP results please go to Sign in with your account information or create a new account. Click on the "AP" tab at the top of the page.

Students, who submit a Clearance Request Form and are denied, can challenge a prerequisite based on previous experience or knowledge. A Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Form can be obtained from the Counseling Department. A prerequisite/corequisite challenge requires written documentation, explanation of alternative course work, background or abilities which adequately prepare the student for the course.

Reasons for seeking aPrerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Form may include one or more of the following:

A prerequisite/corequisite is not reasonably available;

The student believes the prerequisite/corequisite was established in violation of regulation or in violation of the District-approved processes;

The student believes the prerequisite/corequisite is discriminatory or being applied in a discriminatory manner; or

The student has the documented knowledge or ability to succeed in the course without meeting the prerequisite/corequisite.

Then take the form to the respective division office in accordance with the Matriculation guidelines established by the State.

Any questions? Please contact Jorge Quiroz Moreno



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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Online payments are made through yourMyGWCaccount. If paying by cash or check please visit the Bursar's Office at the Student Services Building.

NOTE: It his highly recommended that students use Google Chrome as their browser when making payments on the student portal. Safari is not recommended.

Enrollment Fees

Fees are $46 per unit for California Residents.

*Enrollment Fee is subject to change by the State Legislature.

College Service Charge

$20 for each Fall and Spring semester and $12 for the Summer semester.

This charge underwrites many student services and campus programs. The College Administration and Student Council encourage students to support the campus community by paying this non-mandatory fee. $1.00 of each $17 funds student scholarships and the library text book program. Information about specific programs funded by this charge and requests for a waiver of the College Services Charge are available during posted business hours in the Campus Life Office. The request to waive the College Services Charge must be secured in advance prior to the students payment of registration fees. The period to obtain this waiver is between the date class schedules are available online through the last day to enroll in the regular school semester. This fee is subject to change. For further information call (714) 895-7711

Student Health Fee

$21 per semester for Fall and Spring; $16 for summer session.

This is a mandated fee unless the student presents a waiver. Those eligible for a waiver are:

  1. Students who depend solely on prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization. For further information, email
  2. Students enrolled only in courses of less than two weeks duration.

Student Representation Fee

$2 per semester for Fall and Spring.

One dollar ($1.00) will go to the campus and one dollar ($1.00) will go to support the operations of a statewide community college student organization for the purposes of providing student government representatives the means to state their positions and viewpoints before city, county, district, state, and federal government as well as other public agencies on behalf of the student body.


Students who are not California residents as defined by the Education Code are required to pay the non-resident tuition fee in addition to the fees described above. Please note that it is the students responsibility to prove that he/she is a California resident. Documentation must be submitted by the end of the third week of the semester the student is applying for California residency. Please Note: Effective Summer 2020, non-resident tuition will be $346 per unit total.

Non-Payment Drop Policy

Non-Payment Drop Schedule: Winter Intersession/ Spring 2021

November 19, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between October 26 and November 8

December 3, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between November 9 and November 22

December 10, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between November 23 and November 30

December 17, 2020 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between December 1 and December 6

January 14, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between December 7 and January 3

January 21, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 4 and January 17

January 28, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 18 and January 24

January 29, 2021 (2:00 p.m.): For registration between January 25 and January 28

Any registration that occurs on January 29th or later will not be dropped for non-payment. Students that enroll are responsible for paying their fees or withdrawing from classes prior to the refund deadline to cancel fees.

IMPORTANT: Ultimately, students are responsible for any fees incurred and grades received. It is the students responsibility to drop classes by the State mandated refund deadline to avoid fee obligations and MUST print a student class program (available via MyGWC) to verify all withdrawals regardless of drop for non-payment schedule. Not showing up to class for the first class meeting does not equate to withdrawing from a class. If you do not attend a class in which you are enrolled you must drop yourself from the class by the refund deadline. Drops are completed online via MyGWC.

Payment Plan and Late Payment Agreement

Have you registered for courses, owe over $150, and need a payment plan for your current term? Please visit the Cashnet Payment Portal for set-up! Payment plans must be set-up by 12:00pm the day of our scheduled drop for non-payment in order to ensure you are not dropped from all courses including waitlisted courses. Payment plans must be set up by the end of the second week of the term.

Golden West College is excited to offer our Spring 2021 Late Payment Agreement. Students must apply for the FASFA or California Dream Act and then complete the Late Payment Agreement Contract. This will extend your deadline to pay to April 1, 2021. You must sign up for the late payment agreement no later than 12:00 noon the day of the drop for non-payment. Questions? Please contact Patrick Milius at

Refund Policy

In Accordance with California State Regulations and Coast District Policy, registration fees will be refunded according to the following:

Enrollment fees, Non-Resident Fees, Material Fees: 100% refund of fees paid at registration for each class dropped by the refund deadline. No refund will be made after the refund deadline. There are no exceptions.

Health Fee, College Service Charge: 100% of the fees paid at registration will be refunded if the student totally withdraws from all classes by the refund deadline for each class. No refund will be made after the refund deadline. There are no exceptions.

Parking Permit: Return the parking permit in-person or by mail. The Parking Permit must be postmarked or returned to Admissions and Records on or before the earliest refund deadline on your official Student Class Program, which is available via the student tab on your MyGWC portal.

To Be Eligible For a Refund: Students must officially withdraw from classes by the refund deadline (Refer to the Student Class Program/Web Schedule Bill on the Student tab of the MyGWC portal page. It is the students responsibility to officially withdraw from classes and to verify all withdrawals.

An instructor may drop students for non-attendance. Instructors are not responsible for making sure drops are made by the refund deadline. If the student has not been dropped from the class by the instructor, the student is responsible for withdrawing from the class by the refund deadline. Students who are officially enrolled in a class after the refund deadline will not be eligible for a refund. There are no exceptions.

Refund Processing: Refunds will be automatically processed every week beginning the first week of registration of the semester in which the fees were paid and each week thereafter until the end of the term. Official withdrawals made in accordance with the refund policy and by the withdrawal deadline will generate a credit balance on the student account.

Online Credit Card Payment Refunds: Registration fee payments made by credit card through MyGWC will be refunded to the same credit card used for payment. Allow 6-10 business days for the refund to post.

On Campus Payment Refunds: Fee payments posted on campus, by cash, check, money order or credit card, will be refunded through Bank Mobile. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain correct and up-to-date address information. Addresses can be updated on MyGWC, under the Student Tab, and then click on Banner Self Service.

Important: Payments made using multiple payment methods (online credit card payments and cash, check or money order) during the current registration period will be refunded to the credit card used for online payments.

Other Expenses

Parking Permits

$30 per semester and $15 for the summer session. A current Golden West College Parking Permit is required to park a vehicle in campus parking lots. Permits may be purchased on-line through the colleges website. The permit must be displayed in clear view on the left rear bumper (drivers side) or hung from the inside rear view mirror so as to be clearly visible. Mechanical permit dispenser machines are available in each parking lot for parking by the day. Failure to properly display a valid parking permit may result in the issuance of a citation. A student whose permit is lost or stolen must purchase a new permit.



Textbooks, manuals and other supplies are the responsibility of the student. Required items are available at the campus Bookstore. Check with the Bookstore for refund, exchange and buyback policies.

GWC also offers several zero cost textbook courses each semester. Please see the symbol Zero Cost textbook courses for courses with this option.

Student ID

New students should have their photos taken for a Golden West College Student Identification Card as soon as they register, and have paid all of their fees.

Photos are taken in the Photo ID area of the Records Office during normal business hours. Students must bring a copy of their current Student Class Program and another form of photo identification (drivers license, passport, etc.).

The GWC Photo ID card is required for most services on campus and can be used in subsequent semesters when properly validated.

The cost for ID cards is included in your college fees.

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Pass/No Pass Grading Options

Students may change the grade option for a course from Standard Letter grade to a Pass/No Pass grade if the course allows. This may be done prior to the course beginning on the ADD/DROP page on MyGWC under grade option.

After the course begins, students may submit a Pass/No Pass Grade Request Form in person or by mail.

Form Submission: Submit the Pass/No Pass Grade Request Form in person to Admissions and Records, located on the first floor of the Student Services Center on or before the deadline date.


Mail the form to: Golden West College Attn: Admissions & Records 15744 Goldenwest Street Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Forms submitted by mail must be postmarked by the U.S. Post Office on or before the deadline date. Other postmarks will not be accepted.

Submission Deadlines: 16-Week Courses The Saturday of the 3rd week of the semester.

Other Length Courses Prior to completion of 20% of the course (same date as the last date to drop without a W.) Please refer to your Student Class Program/Web Schedule Bill for specific course deadlines.

Important Notes:

  • Some institutions will not accept a Pass (P) grade for courses required in a major or toward general education requirements. Students are strongly advised to consult with a counselor before signing and submitting the request for P/NP grading.
  • If you do a section change, you must submit a new P/NP form, as this P/NP request does not transfer to the new section.

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