Umoja Learning Community

The Umoja Learning Community was created to serve the growing African American/Black student population on campus and respond to the culturally diverse needs of our student body. As directed by the CCCCO Call to Action, this program aligns to an inclusive campus culture and addresses systemic barriers to African American/Black, and all students of color, within an educational framework.

Umoja actively serves and promotes student success for all students through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas with the focus on creating an environment of validation and support for our African American/Black Students.

If you are interested in learning more about the Umoja Learning Community, please visit their website,, or contact the Golden West College Umoja Co-Coordinators Herman Singh at or Tasha Chambliss at

To sign-up to be part of the Golden West College Umoja Learning Community please complete the registration form using the link below.