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1. What Are The Application Requirements?
2. Will I Need A Passport? Will I Need A Visa? What About Photos?
3. What Type Of Accommodations Can I Expect?
4. My Friend And I Want To Go On The Same Program. May We Live Together?
5. Will The Courses I Take Be Marked As Study Abroad?
6. How Do I Help Ensure The Classes I Take On A Program Will Transfer To A Four-Year University?
7. Are There Any Prerequisites? I Don't Speak Any Foreign Languages.
8. How Much Money Should I Bring?
9. Will I Have Access To The Internet So That I May Check My Email? What About Cellphones?
10. How Much Do The Programs Cost?
11. What Is Not Included In The Program Fees?
12. Im Concerned About Traveling Overseas And Then Becoming Ill. What Do You Suggest?