Why Study Abroad

Study Abroad - Golden West College

Studying abroad gives you a chance to broaden your perspective and learn not only about the world, but about yourself. You will gain confidence as you navigate a foreign city in a foreign language, and get to know yourself as you handle the joys and frustrations of being abroad. As you meet new people you will find that your ideas and expectations about other countries are turned upside down and you come home with a new appreciation for the vastness of the human experience. You will learn in your classes, but you will also learn through your morning subway ride and evening dinner with new local friends.

Not only is it the experience of a lifetime where you can grow and learn about yourself, but study abroad also teaches useful job skills that give you a competitive edge in the job market! Employers will want to hear about your international experience, what you learned, and how it will make you a more flexible worker who can communicate well with diverse others. You can learn more about how study abroad impacts career through the links below!

“Study Abroad Increases Professional Job Prospects”, by Isabel Eva Bohrer

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