Welcome Back!

Dear Student,

Welcome back to the Spring term.  I hope this email finds you healthy and safe.  I have sent several emails in the past few days that contain very important information.  Please be sure to check your emails on a daily basis, as we are doing our best to provide current and accurate information, as soon as we have it available.

8 Week Courses Add Codes:

Once you receive an add code from your instructor you must first log into your MyGWC account.

  • Select the Registration tab.
  • Find the Registration Tools box and select Add or Drop Classes. (You will need to choose GWC Intersession/Spring 2020 from the drop down.)
  • Enter the CRN# in the field at the bottom left corner and click Finalize Add/Drop. You will then be prompted to enter your add code.
  • Enter the add code provided to you by your instructor and select validate. Your class status should read “Web Registered”. 


Please note, if you receive an add code error, the add code is no longer valid. After resolving the issue that prompted the error message you will need to either request a new add code or an add permit from your instructor. If your instructor provides you with an add permit you will need to email it to the Admissions and Records Office at arinfo@gwc.cccd.edu. Please allow 24 hours for this action to be completed.


Pass/No Pass Option:

Due to COVID-19 GWC has extended the deadline to select a Pass/No Pass grading option to May 8th at 11:59pm for full term and second eight week courses. Students selecting this option will receive a P for Pass (Satisfactory Completion) or NP for No Pass (Unsatisfactory Completion) grade symbol at the end of the semester.  Once the P/NP grading option deadline has passed, the grade option cannot be reversed. Before selecting this option, students should consult with a counselor at 714-895-8799. It is not recommended that students select the P/NP option for major courses as well as various CSU/IGETC requirements. Some universities will not allow transfer credit for classes taken on a P/NP basis. There are no exceptions to the deadline. Please refer to the course catalog Grading Options section for additional information.  Please note, this option is only available for courses with the P/NP option. A course labeled as “letter grade only” in the course catalog are not available for this option.  To request the P/NP option for your course, please go to:  https://gecko.fm/ogkix



The Associated Students of Golden West College (ASGWC) wants you to serve on their Executive Student Council for the 2020-2021 academic year! ASGWC extended the deadline for online applications until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 2, 2020, to encourage more students to apply for these amazing leadership positions. APPLY TODAY at https://Bit.ly/ASGWCApply2020.


Stay safe and healthy,

Dr. Claudia Lee
Vice President, Student Services
Golden West College