Welcome from President Wes Bryan

GWC President Wes BryanGolden West College welcomes YOU!

Check out our video, “You are Welcome Here” on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=351iR0u5RhU).

As an open access college, our philosophy is that all students are welcome. Our job is to take you as you are and find out how we can best help you succeed in your educational goals. Sometimes that may mean suggesting extra classes that will help you get college-ready by brushing up on some needed skills. Other times it may mean meeting with a counselor to help you choose the courses best suited for the career you want, or maybe exploring additional career options.

We understand college can be scary, awkward or unfamiliar. The process of applying to College is not a simple task. For example, there are terms such as matriculation, pre-requisite, transfer degree, certificates, assessment score, and academic renewal.  See how fast college can get confusing? We are here to help! We want to help you find your pathway to success by giving you a map; we call it a Student Educational Plan. This is your own individualized plan, a map to a destination of your choosing. After all, it’s about you getting the job you want. We’ll help you pick a career path with room for you to grow and expand, so you can use your talents and enjoy whatever job you do.

You can get started by going to http://www.goldenwestcollege.edu/enrollment-center/registration/.  If you are on campus, you can start at the Answer Center located next to the Enrollment Center. If you prefer to call, you can talk to someone at the Call Center by calling 714-892-7711.  You can also find answers to most of your questions at www.askgwc.com.

Once you get started, there are a number of other Student Support Services to help you along the way, such as Counseling, Tutoring, Financial Aid, CalWorks, Student Activities, Study Abroad, Veterans Center, International Students Center, and the Student Health Center. For a complete list, go to their webpage at http://www.goldenwestcollege.edu/student-services/.

After Spring break, All of these services will be housed in the New Student Service Center located in the middle of campus. Make sure you take the opportunity to visit your new space.

Finally, let me recommend that you involve yourself in college life. Studies show that students who take at least three classes and are involved in at least one regular campus activity, such as a sports team, music or theater group, a club, or a job on campus, are twice as likely to succeed in their educational goals. That’s quite a boost. Another suggestion is to get to know your instructors and let the instructors know how they might help you succeed in their classes. Sit in the front instead of the back, ask questions, do your homework, and make at least three friends or study partners in each class. These are things many successful students do.

One of the things you’ll hear from time to time at Golden West College is the phrase, Oceans of Opportunity. Part of what it means is that, as an open access institution, our goal is to help make you welcome here. Your job is to take advantage of all the opportunities I have identified above. I invite you to meet with a counselor, get to know your teachers and classmates, and make good use of the services freely provided to you. We want you to succeed. If we can help you, ASK.  I know you can find a great education at Golden West College. GWC has produced graduates who go on to excel in the colleges to which they transfer and in their careers. We are proud of them and we want to be proud of you. So let’s work together to help you make the best of this opportunity because you are welcome here.

I look forward to seeing you on campus and at graduation

Wes Bryan
President of Golden West College