Femella - GWC Gallery Art show

“8.5 x 11”
January 30 – February 29, 2020

Curated by Suzanne Walsh & Evan Senn

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 30, 2020, 5-8pm
in the Fine Art Plaza

“8.5 x 11” is an art exhibition based on the concept of limitations, whether emotional, physical, and conceptual. Inspired by the artwork and story of incarcerated self-taught artist, Tyler Corcoran, who makes powerful and skilled works of art using very limited materials due to availability, this show will feature some of his original works of art, as well as original works of art created by other contemporary artists using similar restricted materials.

Tyler Corcoran was only allowed to use 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper and a #2 pencil to create his artwork in prison, eventually gaining minimal freedom to use food materials as additional pigments for his creations. Surprisingly, he has found great creativity in these limited materials, helping him to expand his artistic content and emotional expression.

The contemporary artists involved in this exhibition have channeled Corcoran’s artistic process and through the use of limited materials and have utilized themes of “limits,” “boundaries,” or “imprisonment” in the pieces on view in “8.5 x 11.”

Tyler Corcoran is a fine artist that taught himself how to draw and paint while incarcerated. He is still serving out a sentence for armed robbery at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison. Making art has become not only a means of personal expression but also a constructive avenue for him to process the events of his life, his homesickness, and his connection to his family. As his art practice has progressed through years of dedication, Corcoran has “earned” the use of additional materials such as inks, watercolor, pen and different sizes and types of paper and canvas. This exhibition will include where he started and where his art practice is today.

Participating artists include: Tyler Corcoran, Cody Jimenez, Katlin Evans, Michael Harnish, Nancy Chiu, Amy Runyen, Paul Lucido, Kaela Carson, Don McKinney, Jane Bauman, Kerri Sabine-Wolf, Ana Sanchez, Michael Lierly, Jennifer King, Cynthia Lujan, Josh Stone, Holly Jackson, Anna Brittell, Timothy Robert Smith, James Thistlethwaite, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Annie Compean, Joel Woodard, Valerie Lewis, Sarah Keliher Walsh, and more.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Or by appointment
Contact (714) 895-8316
or gwcartgallery@gwc.cccd.edu

Gallery Location
GWC Art Gallery
Fine Arts Building, Rm 108
15751 Gothard Street
Huntington Beach, CA
(Best parking on
Gothard St., Lot “I”)

The Gallery is located in the Fine Arts building on the first floor building 29

Type - GWC Art Gallery Exhibition

March 5 – April 4, 2020

Opening Reception
Thursday, March 5, 2020, 5-8pm
in the Fine Art Plaza

Huntington Beach, Calif. — Interest in type, typefaces, words, language, and typography has been subversively infiltrating the contemporary art and design realms for decades. Oftentimes, this artistic outlet is relegated to an outsider art form, a meme, or categorized as graphic design, but the fine art that incorporates text and type is some of the most powerful art available to contemporary audiences.

Though we may not be aware of it, text-based art and typographical design are constantly influencing our global culture. From the way we see an advertisement, to the interpretation of a headline, the sentiment from a story, or the emotion in a poetic verse, type affects how we understand images, events, and more. In visual art, incorporating type is powerful and persuasive; it offers a specific insight or point-of-view to the larger picture, forcing the artist to be meticulous and intentional with the typographical design and text-based choices.

“Type” is an exhibition that will highlight the beauty and variety of typographical expression including that within street art, graphic design, contemporary painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. The artists in “Type” creatively explore typography in their artwork and continue finding new and innovative ways to propel the intersection of visual art and language for the greater good of our society as well as our collective and individual spirits.

This exhibition will include artworks by designers and fine artists who explore typography and design in their artwork. Artists in “Type” will include: Colt Bowden, Thomas P. Mueller, Jennifer Celio, Catharin Eure, Steve Wolkoff, Katie Purdue, John Geary, Joe O’Neill, Jackie Bell Johnson, Tm Gratkowski, Dani Dodge, Steve Metzger, Max King Caps, Adam Mars, Lilli Muller, Susan Ossman, Michelle Andrade, Annie Terrazzo, Diane Williams, Bryan Ida, Keith Walsh, Cynthia Underwood, Joy Ray, Maude Tanswai, Bri Cirel, the Panik Collective and more.


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