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Noncredit programs provide students access to higher education for skill attainment, college preparation, career enhancement, and personal enrichment. To earn a certificate in noncredit programs, students must complete the list of required courses identified in the program. Noncredit courses are offered free of charge, except for instructional materials fees, if applicable, and are repeatable. These courses are identified with course numbers ending in “N,” for example, G001N. Students taking only noncredit courses do not earn college credits, and are not eligible for financial aid. 

The following is a list of noncredit categories as defined in California Education Code Section 84757 and California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 55151. 

  1. English as Second Language 
  2. Immigrant 
  3. Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills 
  4. Health and Safety 
  5. Substantial Disabilities 
  6. Parenting 
  7. Home Economics 
  8. Courses for Older Adults 
  9. Short-term Vocational Programs 
  10. Workforce Preparation 


There are two types of Awards for noncredit programs: Certificate of Competency and Certificate of Completion. 

  1. Certificate of Competency 

This award confirms that a student enrolled in a noncredit program has demonstrated achievement in a set of competencies that prepares students to progress in a career path or to undertake degree-applicable and non-degree applicable credit courses. 

  1. Certificate of Completion 

This award confirms that a student has completed a noncredit program that prepares students to progress in a career path or to take degree-applicable courses.

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