California Native Garden
California Native Garden

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Would you Like to Help?

Since the Garden is not directly “funded” by GWC’s budget most of the work is done by volunteers and the funds needed to purchase plants and keep Garden projects moving ahead come from donations! So, volunteers and funding are needed and appreciated! Could you help spread the word?

Become a “Friend” of the Garden by contributing $25 or more. All donations made to the Garden’s account (through the GWC Foundation) are tax deductable. You can make either one-time donations or if a college employee can arrange monthly payroll deductions. Even $5 a month makes a difference! And be assured that the money you give is used wisely. Please consider giving and mentioning it to others!

Visit the Foundation Office or call 714/895-8616. Also, you can mail donations to the GWC Foundation at:

15744 Goldenwest St.,
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Make checks out to “GWC Foundation” and write “GWC Native Garden” on the memo line.

Also, work mornings are every Tuesday and Thursday.

Other volunteer opportunities exist-Ask.

Thanks so much for your help, and Please enjoy the Garden!
Garden Contact: Dan Songster at