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California Native Garden
Gardening/Growing Natives  Wildscaping(!)  California Native Plant Link Exchange  Growing Native  Theodore Payne Foundation  UC Pest Notes

Nurseries (Often with Gardening content!)  Tree of Life Nursery, San Juan Capistrano  Las Pilitas Nursery, Santa Margarita and Escondido  Theodore Payne Foundation, Sun Valley  Matilija Nursery, Moorpark  Native Sons, Arroyo Grande (wholesale but nice site)  Moosa Creek Nursery San Diego County  El Nativo Growers, (Wholesale nice site)  Larner Seeds (up north but great seed collector and lady)

Gardens (Visit them and learn)  Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont  Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara  Conejo Valley Botanic Garden, Thousand Oaks  GWCNG! Just starting site  Not all native-but two gardens are  Native plants, wildlife & ed. programs  Garden leans towards the wild side-lovely native_garden/index.html  A restored native garden-opened 2009  Naturalist’s business is surrounded by native landscape  Garden w/hands-on experiences

Habitat  Butterflies and their Larval Foodplants  All about OC’s birds  Buglogical Control Systems (beneficial insects)  Urban Bee Gardens – Native bees are neat!

Blog/or Blog-like  Jeffery Caldwell blog  California Native Plant PR  OC-CNPS Blog  Wild Suburbia  Name says it all  Green Thoughts by Ron Vanderhoff – Thoughtful articles re: sustainable landscapes author Dr. Kevin Curran

Organizations (w/primary interest in native plants, often conservation related)  California Native Plant Society  All the news from the local chapter!  California Oak Foundation  California Native Grass Association  Calif. Invasive Plant Council  The Calif. Chaparral Institute

Of Interest (may be out of area)  Yerba Buena Nursery (one of the first)  Larner Seeds (nice site)  Friends of Tilden Botanic Garden (informative)  Cal Photos (what a site of images!)  Native uses of Calif. Plants  Native uses and good images  The California Chaparral Institute – Chaparral-fascinating!  The Santa Ana Mountains Natural History Association – Learn about OC wildlands

Favorite Books related to Native Horticulture

California Landscape Gardens  (UC Press) Francis and Reiman

California Native Plants for the Garden  (Cachuma press) Bart O’Brien, Carol Bornstien, David Fross

Care and Maintenance of Southern California Gardens  by O’Brien, Landis, Mackey

Ceanothus (Timber Press) Fross & Wilken

Designing California Native Gardens  (UC Press) Keator & Middlebrook

Gardening with a Wild Heart  (UC Press) Judith Larner

Landscape Ideas of Jays  (UC Press) Judith Larner

Native Treasures  (UC Press) Nevin Smith

Wild lilies, irises,and grasses-Gardening w/ Cal. Monocots  (UC Press) Harlow & Jakob, eds