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NonCredit counselors are here to assist you in:

Vocational/Career Counseling

• Vocational and career exploration
• Career change
• Individual assessment of skill
• NonCredit Certificates

Academic Counseling

• Educational goal setting
• Educational planning
• Course selection
• College transition counseling

Personal Counseling

• Maximize individual potential
• Community resources
• Personal growth

NonCredit counselors are available on a walk-in and appointment basis call (714) 895-8955



Q. What is the difference between Credit and NonCredit courses and programs?

In general, credit courses are designedfor students who are interested in earning college credits toward a degree or certificate. Students who take credit courses receive letter grades (i.e, A, B, C, D or F) at the end of the semester.

NonCredit courses are intended for students who want to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills, enrich their understanding about a wide range of topics, or develop personal interests. Upon completion of NonCredit courses, students may receive a grade of pass or no pass. NonCredit courses are NOT applicable toward a degree. Upon completion of a series of required courses, students can earn a NonCredit vocational certificate of completion or competency.

Q. Are there grades in NonCredit courses?

Instructors award a pass/no pass to students upon obtainment of coursecompetencies.

Q. Can I take NonCredit and credit courses at the same time?

Yes; a student in good standing may enroll in both NonCredit and Credit courses.

Q. Who may attend NonCredit courses and programs?

Anyone 18 years of age or older. Students holding F1/F2 and B1/B2 Visas are not allowed to enroll in NonCredit courses. High school and ROP students, who may benefit from instruction and have permission from both a parent/guardian and respective high school district/Regional Occupation Program (ROP), may attend.

Q. Why would I take NonCredit courses or a NonCredit certificate program?

NonCredit courses assist students seeking to improve math or English proficiency, increase literacy and job skills, support access to higher education, and advance employability.

Q. Which specific courses do I need to earn a NonCredit certificate?

Each program is different and requires a specific sequence of courses and particular level of competency to earn a certificate which is noted in the respective NonCredit program description.

Q. How long will it take for me finish a NonCredit vocational certificate?

It depends on your availability and the availability of the courses offered. Not all certificate programs are offered each semester.

Q. Are NonCredit certificates recognized in the industry?

Yes, short-term certificates arerecognized in the industry.

Q. Is there a different Student Identification Number for NonCredit courses?

No, your Student Identification Number (SID) is the same for all courses, both Credit and NonCredit courses.

Q. Can I preregister for any NonCredit courses or programs?

Yes, you can preregister for NonCredit courses online by submitting an application for admission (if you are a new student) and then register for courses online through your account. Registration may be possible at the first-course meeting, if space permits.

Q. Do NonCredit courses meet all 16 weeks of each semester?

Some NonCredit courses meet all 16 weeks of each semester. However, other coursesand certificate programs are often condensed programs that meet for a specific number of days or weeks. Consult the individual courseor program description for specific details about course scheduling.

Q. How many courses can I take?

As many as you like.

Q. Can I repeat a course?

Yes, NonCredit courses and programs have unlimited repeatability.

Q. Are there prerequisites for NonCredit courses?

Generally, there are no other prerequisites for NonCredit courses; however, some programs may include foundational courses for safety and student success that must be completed as a prerequisite.

Q. Can NonCredit courses be transferred to another college?

No, NonCredit courses are not transferrable.

Q. Can I get Financial Aid for NonCredit courses?

No. Federal Financial Aid is not available for NonCredit courses. NonCredit courses aretuition-free. Students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies. Financial aid is not available for these materials.

Q. Do I have to purchase books?

If books or other materials are required for the course, you are responsible for purchasing them. Attend a course before purchasing required books/materials.

Q. Who do I contact if I need more help?

Contact the particular division if you need more information.

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