What is the application process?

Please review the information on our website at www.goldenwestcollege.edu/nursing by scrolling down & clicking on the links and tabs, most of your questions can be answered there. We accept applications in February for Fall admission and in June for Spring admission. We do not maintain a wait-list. Selection is based on meeting the eligibility requirements and the Multi-Criteria Guidelines. Please refer to the “How to Apply” link for the application and detailed instructions.

Does Golden West College offer the TEAS exam? If so, when?
GWC School of Nursing offers the TEAS exam once per application period. Check the nursing website for dates and times. If the exam is not being offered, please contact ATI Testing directly for exam dates offered elsewhere.
What is the application deadline?
Review the “How to Apply” link for the updated filing dates.
What are the minimum points (on the Multi-Criteria Guidelines) required to be accepted?
The minimum points required is 14 (9 for prerequisites and 5 for lowest TEAS score). Historically, students with points below 60 have not been admitted. The total points of selected applicants’ changes based on the application pool, therefore, we cannot provide an exact number. The more points you have the more competitive applicant you are.
How are students selected?
All complete applications that are submitted by the deadline are evaluated based on the Multi-Criteria Guidelines. Qualified applicants are ranked based on points earned in the Multi-Criteria. Students with the highest number of points are selected until all spaces in the program are filled. A limited number of alternate applicants are also selected to replace any selected applicants who do not meet requirements, deadlines, or decline their offer.
Do you have a wait list?
No, We do not maintain a wait-list. Qualified applicants who are not selected for entry are encouraged to reapply during the next application period.
Can I still apply/be accepted into the program if I do not have a clear background (i.e.: DUI, misdemeanor, other criminal conviction)?
Yes, you can still apply to GWC School of Nursing. If you are accepted, you are then required to complete a background check to be eligible to participate in the clinical component. Students currently serving a court-ordered probation may not attend clinical at most hospitals, based on contractual requirements. This may prevent a student from completing the nursing program. If your background is not cleared, you will need to meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss your situation. This is required of all students who have any records. All records must be reported to the Board of Registered Nursing after completion of our program, it doesn’t matter if it was expunged. Please visit the Board of Registered Nursing’s website http://www.rn.ca.gov/ to research which background issues would prohibit you from taking the licensing exam.

**Students who complete the program are not guaranteed the ability to take the licensing exam – that is determined by the BRN**

How much does the program cost?
Approximate cost to start program – $2,472.00 Approximate cost of entire program – $6,350.00 

Please review the Estimated Cost PDF which can be found under the Admission Information link.

*estimated costs include all materials & fees, books, stethoscope, uniform, tuition, parking, CPR, malpractice insurance, etc. **Costs subject to change

What does the course curriculum include?
For course curriculum, units, and class descriptions please refer to the GWC catalog by visiting this link: http://www.goldenwestcollege.edu/catalog/ (please be advised that all courses are subject to revision). You can also review the School of Nursing Student Handbook for more information.
What clinical sites do you assign students to?
Our clinical contracts are currently with local hospitals close to GWC community and vary each semester.
Are clinical rotations assigned or are any elective?
All clinical rotations are assigned/mandatory; none of the hours are elective.
Is there a simulation lab?
Yes. Our simulation lab covers the disciplines of Health and Illness, Environment, and Nursing with high-fidelity scenarios and high-fidelity mannequins. Emphasis is placed on healthcare concepts such as: fluid and electrolyte balance, metabolism, central nervous system regulation, oxygenation, perfusion, tissue integrity, infection, mobility, comfort, emergencies, safety & infection control, diversity, health promotion, communication, professional behaviors, clinical reasoning/judgment, healthcare system, ethics, and clinical competency.
Do you offer an in person orientation for your program and/or application information session?
No, all information regarding the application, eligibility, the selection process, cost, etc.; can be found on our website and online orientation.
Can I make an appointment with someone to discuss the application process?
The application and filing instructions are posted under the “How to Apply” link: www.goldenwestcollege.edu/nursing. Complete the online orientation for more information. Please read this section in its entirety and utilize the checklist found in the application.

If you still have questions, you can email us at: NursingOffice@gwc.cccd.edu

Is there any way I can schedule a counseling session to get more information?
Golden West College School of Nursing does not have a counselor in the office. Contact the Counseling Department – counselors are available to assist you with educational planning, course selections and transcript evaluations.
Is there a course equivalency form to know whether courses I'm taking (or previously have taken) will be equivalent?
Yes, on the website www.goldenwestcollege.edu/nursing click on the “Admission Information” link to view the Course Equivalency Grid listing the acceptable courses within the Region 8 Colleges. For courses taken outside of the Region 8, contact the Counseling Department.
I already have RN from another program and according to the Board of Registered Nursing, I am required to take some additional course(s) (i.e.: OB/Pediatrics; medical/surgical; etc.) Do you offer these courses?
GWC School of Nursing does not currently offer individual nursing courses. All nursing content must be completed in its entirety as a Program.
Do you offer a LVN-RN Bridge Program?
The LVN-RN Career Bridge Program is contingent upon grant funding. If funds are available, the Bridge course is offered during the summer. Please check the website for updated information regarding the program and the application process.
Are courses available evenings, weekends, or online?
No, GWC School of Nursing does not offer evenings, weekends or online courses. The program is a full-time commitment. 
What are the current accreditation(s)?
California Board of Registered Nursing www.rn.ca.gov. Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing www.acenursing.org. Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges www.accjc.org.
What is the difference between ADN and BSN programs?
• ADN – Associate degrees (two-year programs) are offered at technical schools, community colleges or universities. They focus on the core of nursing information, sciences, and general education to support nursing. These programs provide the foundation to enter the nursing discipline at a beginning level. 

• BSN – Baccalaureate degrees (four-year programs offered at colleges and universities) prepare nurses to provide comprehensive service to individuals, families, groups and communities. These programs are designed to develop critical thinking and nursing skills at a higher level. 

*All programs prepare students to sit for the same National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The difference is in the academic degree conferred by the college or university. Many facilities hire RNs from any level; others hire only those with baccalaureate degrees or higher. Most management opportunities go to those with the higher degrees. A baccalaureate degree in nursing is needed to pursue graduate nursing education. 

What is the GWC School of Nursing pass rate?
Updated results can be found at: http://www.rn.ca.gov/education/passrates.shtml scroll down until you see Golden West College.
Can students dual enroll with another university?
Students must contact each university directly. GWC Nursing is an ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing) program, we do not offer a BSN (Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing). Students must be accepted and enrolled in our program before they can co-enroll at a university.  Co-enrollment schools: Concordia, CSU-Fullerton, Vanguard, Chamberlain University  Co-enrollment does not happen automatically; you must follow up with the university’s application process.
Can students apply to the program with prerequisite courses in progress?
No, all prerequisites must be completed, with a letter grade of C or above, prior to applying.
If transferring from another nursing program, is there opportunity for advanced placement?
Yes, Transfer/Advanced Placement applicants must apply when the Transfer/Advanced Placement application period is open. 

Please visit our transfer web page for further information. 


When do we accept Transfers?
We only accept transfers based upon space availability and applicant eligibility.


Is G099 part of the nursing program? Does it count toward the multi-criteria guidelines
No, however, it is highly recommended as an introduction to the nursing profession and to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for success in the educational setting and the clinical environment. Course emphases are nursing process, learning style, study skills, medical terminology, and the professional nursing role. Pass/No Pass only.
Does volunteer and work experience expire?
To receive points on the multi-criteria, volunteer and work experience must be from the last 3 years.
What is direct patient care?

Direct patient care may involve any aspects of the health care of a patient, including treatments, mobility assistance (walking assistance, assistance with wheel chairs, etc.), patient education, care of a patient provided personally by a volunteer member.

What is direct patient care within regards to work experience?
Work Experience must be performed as clinical work and within the last 3 years.
What is considered a volunteer setting?
A clinical or hospital site, unless you are able to provide a company letterhead, company contact numbers, and appropriate direct patient care documentation.
Does helping a sick relative count as direct patient care?
Please provide a company letterhead and official documentation of direct patient care.
What needs to be used to prove second language?
You must prove 2 years of high school coursework with transcripts of a C grade or higher. Test scores are also accepted; an AP score of 3 or higher or an SAT subject test score will suffice. College level coursework consists of two semesters of more, with completion of the intermediate level or higher. A letter proving your ability to speak a second language or native language will not be accepted for the multi-criteria points.
Does German count or any other languages not listed on Multi-Criteria Guidelines?
Yes, most languages count as long as they are taught within the parameters required on the application.
What is the difference for TEAS test scores (Unofficial vs. Official)?
Applicants must print out a copy of the unofficial test score and attach it to application (even if the exam was taken at GWC). 

Only admitted students will have to submit an OFFICIAL copy electronically from ATI.

What is the TEAS?
The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam is an ATI pre-admission nursing exam used by nursing programs to assess competency in Math, Science, English, and Reading.
Is the 30 Unit Option for Licensed Vocational Nurses offered?
The option is available, but limits growth within the current job market due to Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing trending with higher marketability success. In addition, it does not qualify for licensure by endorsement (reciprocity) outside of California as an RN. 

Note: The LVN Bridge Program is a requirement for the 30 Unit Option candidate, however our LVN Bridge Program is not offered at this time.

What is the 30 Unit Option for LVNs?
Applicants who hold a current California Vocational Nurse or the equivalent, may qualify for the California Registered Nurse licensure examination without completing the entire Associate Degree Nursing Program outlined above. LVNs may elect to take a non-degree program consisting of not more than 30 units in nursing and related science courses. Licensed PTs may challenge theory and clinical portions of the Nursing Program when they believe they already have the required knowledge and skills.
If I applied in the past, do I need to resubmit my official transcripts?
Applicants will only need to resubmit an additional copy of the official transcript if there has been an update since the last application period, such as a new course grade or degree conferral. Unofficial copies must be submitted with the application each submission.
How many alternates get accepted into cohort?
The amount of alternates admitted varies each application period. Alternates are only offered an open position into the cohort contingent on availability and their multi-criteria point score for their application.
If I am an alternate, do I need to begin my clinical requirements?
Students will receive and fulfill the program requirements once they are officially accepted into the program and contacted by the GWC School of Nursing.
Will I be considered ineligible for the application period if my official transcripts are received after the deadline?
Yes, you will no longer be an eligible candidate if our evaluation committee is unable to review your official transcripts during the application evaluation process.
Where should I look to find out if my courses are equivalent to the required courses based on the multi-criteria guidelines?
Please contact our counseling department directly if you have any questions regarding course equivalency. Do not rely on any other outside sources. 

If you have taken courses within the Region 8 Local Colleges, please click and review the list of acceptable courses for course equivalency. 


Do my completed courses have to match the required Academic and Science requirements for acceptance into the nursing program?
All academic courses, including Microbiology, Anatomy, and Physiology, need to be equivalent to our required courses’ curriculum. They are considered pre-requisites and co-requisites to the courses designated specifically for our nursing program curriculum. If your current courses are not equivalent, then your application will be deemed ineligible.
Do I need to apply to the college before I submit my official transcripts from other schools?
It is highly recommended to apply to the college prior to sending official transcripts. The Admission and Records Department is a completely separate department from the GWC School of Nursing; we cannot guarantee your transcripts will be assigned to your student ID number at the time of the nursing application evaluations.
Do I need to provide my history of immunizations and health record during the application process?
No, required documentation for applicants is listed on the GWC School of Nursing Application checklist.
What is a nursing student’s weekly schedule like?
The nursing program is a full-time commitment. 

• Clinical Time: mandatory 12-15 hour shifts in clinical agencies (day or night). 

• Patient Workup/Hospital Time: assigned as a separate date from the clinical shift. 

• On-campus mandatory class lectures and HPS/Skills Lab times. 

• Lecture schedule and clinical assignment varies each semester throughout the program. 

Can I transfer into the Nursing Program while still in my first semester of my current program?
No, you must apply as an incoming student.
How many students are admitted into the program each semester?
Each new cohort consists of 45 accepted applicants.
What is the difference between a transfer student and new applicant?
A transfer student is one who has previously been enrolled in another school’s nursing program. If you have not been accepted and enrolled in another nursing program, you are not a transfer student. A new applicant is one who is applying for admission into the GWC Nursing program. You are considered a new applicant even if you took your prerequisite courses at a college other than GWC.
Do I need a Social Security Number to apply?

Yes, a Social Security number is required and I-9 Visa if applicable. Note that a Social Security number is now required by the Board of Registered Nursing to take the licensing examination and for mandatory participation at off-campus clinical sites. 

Note: For further information, please re-read application requirements. Failure to meet application requirements will result in an ineligible status.

If I received a C- in my required coursework, will it deem me as an ineligible applicant?
In order meet college standards and maintain multi-criteria guideline eligibility a letter grade “C or higher” is required and considered a passing grade for coursework.
Can I apply if my BIO GPA is below 2.5?
You can apply but you will not receive any points for that category on the Multi-criteria. Your chances of being offered admission are highly unlikely without those points. You should repeat a BIO (Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology) course to improve your GPA.
How do I complete the GPA table if my biology lecture and lab are separate in the application?
Use the lecture grade to compute your points.
Science course seven years recency, does it start when I apply or when I start the program?
The cut-off would be 7 years from the time you apply to the ADN program. 

Example: June 2018 application period for Spring of 2019, your science courses cannot be older than Fall 2011.

For questions not found on FAQs, please contact our nursing office via e-mail: