Peace Conference 2018

12th Annual Golden West College Peace Conference

Peace and the Global Economy: Emerging Issues & Practical Solutions

Friday, April 20th from 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. in The Student Center

The 2018 Peace Conference will focus on the vital role of economics in helping to shape societies defined by social justice, environmental sustainability, and cultural equity. Through lectures, panel discussions, interactive question-and-answer sessions, and artistic installations, particular attention will be paid to addressing income inequality, environmental pollution, food insecurity, emerging technologies, and racial and gender discrimination. This rigorous exploration of the relationship between economic policy and social democracy will enable conference attendees to envision how they might help in contributing to economies that serve the health and well-being of all communities.

Areas of Inquiry:

● Ethical Business Models
● Sustainable Communities
● Artificial Intelligence and Our Future
● Economic Growth vs. Societal Well-Being
● Social and Environmental Justice
● Real vs. Hidden Costs of Healthcare

Peace Conference Sponsors

How To Register:

Free admission for GWC students (with advance registration)
$15 for All Other Students, $30 for General Public ($40 at the door)
*Registration fee includes vegan breakfast and lunch, plus conference materials and gifts, free parking (Lots B and C)
This is a zero waste event.

Attached flyer: Peace Conference 2018 [PDF]

Go to the Foundation website to register today or visit the REGISTER NOW button below.

Questions? Contact: Fran Faraz

For more information, please contact:

Fran Faraz Peace Studies Coordinator

Nancy Fong Peace Studies Counselor

Dr. Dave Hudson Dean of Arts and Letters

Get involved: Peace & Leadership Club
Fran Faraz – Club Advisor