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Puente Program

The Puente Program is a two semester learning community that includes three main components. The accelerated writing course sequence incorporates multicultural/Latino authors with emphasis on English writing skills. Intensive counseling provides students with sustained, in-depth career and academic guidance throughout their enrollment in community college. Students then receive mentoring from members of the community who are recruited, trained, and matched with students to share career advice and personal experiences. Students in the Puente Program enroll as a cohort in required coursework each semester and participate in the program as a true learning community that supports personal, academic, and cultural development of students.

All students are eligible to enroll in the Puente program. Once enrolled in the Puente Program, students can continue to take advantage of Puente mentoring, counseling, and guidance while enrolled at Golden West College.


All students are eligible to enroll if they meet the following requirements:

1. Eligibility for English G099/G100 in the fall semester, either by completion of prerequisite coursework or assessment score placement.
2. Completion and submission of the Puente Program application [PDF] (Note: Firefox is not compatible with this fillable form).
3. Enrollment in the program is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
4. Commitment to the goals of the Puente Program, including an intent to transfer to a four-year college/university.


1. Intensive writing training
2. Mentoring
3. Transfer counseling
4. Career development
5. Identity development
6. Inclusion in an active learning community

Puente Classes:

Fall 1st Semester:
Registration in the program is by counselor permission only, and students must submit an application to the program for consideration. Students must enroll in both courses each semester.

• English G095/G100 – English Basic Skills/Freshman Composition, 5 units
• College G100 – Becoming a Successful College Student, 3 units

Spring 2nd Semester:

• English G110 – Critical Thinking, Literature, 4 units
• Counseling G104 – Career and Life Planning: A Holistic Approach, 3 units

For more information contact the Puente Program at (714) 895-8214 or via email at, Nancy Fong, Puente Counselor at or visit the GWC Counseling Center.