2017-18 Academic Senate

2019-2020 Representation

Academic Senate Members [PDF]

Member Terms: President (2 yrs) • Vice Presidents (1 yr) • Senators (3 yrs)

Title Name Term Ext Email
President Martie
Ramm Engle
F2017- SP2020 58223 mrammengle@gwc.cccd.edu
Vice President Laura Duvall F2019- SP2020 51073 lduvall1@gwc.cccd.edu
Vice President Pete Bouzar F2019- SP2020 52247 pbouzar@gwc.cccd.edu
CCI Chair Jennifer Bailly F2018- SP2020 51287 jbailly@gwc.cccd.edu
IPD Chair Amanda Best F2019- SP2021 58360 abest@gwc.cccd.edu
Department Name Term Ext Email
Associated Students (non-voting member) Lilly Ha F2019 – SP2020   asgwcstudentinterest@
Automotive Technology, Digital Arts, Digital Media, Design, Drafting, Environment Science, and Floral John Kasabian F2019- SP2022 51002 jkasabian@gwc.cccd.edu
Biological Sciences Nam Vu F2019- SP2022 52507 nvu@gwc.cccd.edu
Business, Computer Business Applications, and Computer Science (includes Management and Marketing) Alice Rivera F2019- SP2022 52209 arivera78@gwc.cccd.edu
Career Technical Education (CTE) Faculty Liaison (non-voting member) Warren Carter F2018- SP2020 58798 wcarter@gwc.cccd.edu
Communication Studies & Peace Studies Heather Kelley F2018- SP2021 58186 hkelley1@gwc.cccd.edu
Cosmetology Jon Holland F2017- SP2020 58258 jholland@gwc.cccd.edu
Counseling, DSPS, EOPS, International Students Damien Jordan SP2019- SP2020 51054 djordan@gwc.cccd.edu
Criminal Justice VACANT F2019- SP2020    
English & ESL Theresa Lavarini F2018- SP2021 51154 tlavarini@gwc.cccd.edu
Fine Arts Amanda Best F2019- SP2022 58360 abest@gwc.cccd.edu
Guided Pathways/Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison (non-voting member) Erin Craig F2018- SP2020 51216 ecraig4@gwc.cccd.edu
Health Education, Kinesiology, Athletics Matthew Flesher F2018- SP2021 58246 mflesher@gwc.cccd.edu
Health Professions Eva Marinotti F2017- SP2020 52680 emarinotti@gwc.cccd.edu
College Success & Non-Credit Jodie Butler F2018- SP2021 51022 jbutler@gwc.cccd.edu
Liberal Arts & Culture (Anthropology, Geography, History, Philosophy) Michelle Palma F2019- SP2022 51056 mpalma2@gwc.cccd.edu
Library Gonzalo Garcia F2017- SP2020 55250 ggarcia@gwc.cccd.edu
Mathematics & Engineering Pete Bouzar SP2019- SP2022 52247 pbouzar@gwc.cccd.edu
Part-Time Faculty Kat Olvey F2019- SP2021 N/A kolvey@gwc.cccd.edu
Performing Arts (Theater Arts, Music, Dance) Martie Ramm Engle F2019- SP2022 58223 mrammengle@gwc.cccd.edu
Physical Sciences Jennifer Wilcox F2019- SP2022 51118  jwilcox@gwc.cccd.edu
Psychology Laura Duvall F2019- SP2021 51073  lduvall1@gwc.cccd.edu
Social & Behavioral Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Sociology) Margot Bowlby F2019- SP2022 51286 mbowlby@gwc.cccd.edu
World Languages & Sign Language Tammie Tran F2018- SP2021 51172 tmtran@gwc.cccd.edu