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Student in the Reading and Writing Center using computers

Your one-stop shop for success tools and student help!

The Writing and Reading Center offers many short courses that help students improve their reading and writing skills. The courses focus on understanding college-level texts, writing essays and research papers, and improving vocabulary and grammar skills. All courses include one-on-one tutoring with experienced instructors and active English faculty. Each course can be taken for units of credit, and many courses are open for enrollment until week eight of the semester. Fees vary from course to course. For additional information, please call or stop by the Center.

Spotlight on Courses

ENGW 001/002/003
These courses help provide extra opportunities for writing. Designed to accompany certain English classes (ENGW 001 for ESL 071/ ENGL 098; ENGW 002 for ENGL 099; or ENGW 003 for ENGL 100), these 1.3 unit courses give you the change to truly improve your writing. Plus, the prompts are a blast!

ENGW 020
This class has a unique edge. Unlike anything we offer, this course is custom-tailored to fit your needs. One-on-one instruction means you can finally become an expert in editing and revising. Plus, who doesn’t want an English instructor to sit down with them and give their paper one last look before it’s due? We can also walk you through the writing process and help you overcome your writer’s block. Note: We will help with any paper you have…not just English!

ENGW 025
Applying to transfer to a university? Nervous about writing essays? Don’t be. We are here to help! This course guides students through the process of writing a university application letter.

ENGW 030
Are you new to college or returning after some time off? Maybe your reading comprehension isn’t up to speed? This course helps students of all levels develop reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.