Associated Students of GWC

Associated Students of Golden West College

As a student at Golden West College, you are also a member of the Associated Students of Golden West College, known as ASGWC.

The Executive Student Council is the body responsible for managing the affairs of the ASGWC. The elected positions consist of a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Club Affairs, Vice President of Student Advocacy, Vice President of Financial Affairs, Vice President of Activities, Vice President of Public Relations, and Vice President of Sustainability. The Executive Secretary is an appointed position within the Executive Student Council. The goal of the Executive Student Council is to give a voice to all Golden West College students, enabling them to become an integral part of the college community. The Executive Student Council’s major responsibilities include appointing officers and students to campus-wide committees; participating in shared governance in the development of Golden West College policies and annual budget; adopting and overseeing the annual ASGWC budget; allocating funds for new programs and projects; and providing a program of events and activities that enrich a collegiate experience.

In addition to the Executive Student Council, there is a Student Senate consisting of five committees, expanding the opportunity for more students to become involved. The five committees are Activities, Financial Affairs, Public Relations, Student Advocacy, and Sustainability. Whatever your interests, there is an opportunity for you to get involved in student government. As representatives of the diverse students of Golden West College, all members can enrich campus life while developing their leadership skills.

The ASGWC also supports a strong and diverse student population through various clubs and events that take place, both on and off campus, throughout the year as well as through the Intercultural Program which continues its mission to unite students from all cultures, raise awareness of cultural issues, and promote understanding, tolerance, and equality.

Any interested student with a 2.0 GPA or above and enrolled in at least five units is eligible to join Student Senate.  If you have a 2.0 GPA or above, have completed five units , and you are enrolled in at least five units, you can be elected or appointed to an Executive Student Council position.

The Office of Student Life and Leadership strives to maximize personal growth and development in students by providing a variety of opportunities for involvement, service, and leadership in co-curricular, campus and community activities. In response to the varying needs of the student population, the Office of Student Life and Leadership recognizes diversity as a core value of our campus community. With an emphasis on academic excellence and student retention, the Office of Student Life and Leadership supports the academic mission of the College by working to create experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom and encouraging students to actively participate in the greater educational community as part of the College’s fully integrated planning process.

Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission Statement: ASGWC is committed to representing the diverse student body, advocating for the student voice, and fostering close working relationships with college personnel, faculty, and students. We seek to promote awareness and engagement, as well as offer an enriching college experience by providing unique opportunities in leadership development, college governance, campus life, and co-curricular activities.

Vision Statement: ASGWC strives to represent the diverse student population as the designated liaison between the student body and the college administration. Through fostering a student-centered learning environment, ASGWC inspires students to become active participants on campus and within society.


  • To increase ASGWC’s understanding of the new and continuing students body’s interests and concerns through events and informational booths, classroom visitations, and by surveying the students at the informational booth, Fall Club Rush and at the Inter-Club Council
  • To increase the participation of students in ASGWC sponsored events by promoting, hosting and collaborating on co-curricular events (look at calendar of events)
  • To provide a positive community college experience by engaging with students throughout the ASGWC year