DSPS Support & Counseling services are available for students during this time of temporary remote instruction we are currently experiencing.Students who require an appointment with a DSPS counselor/staff are able to schedule an appointment at any time by scheduling through Cranium Cafe and making an appointment.Students who do not have access to a desktop, laptop, or other media tablet, are able to engage in an appointment with a DSPS counselor via phone.Our phone line is (714) 895-8721 and is answered between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and voice mails left will be checked and responded to regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us at and we will respond to you within one business day.

DSPS is prepared to support DSP&S registered students to ensure accommodations are being met during the transition of moving classes to an online platform.

For students with any of the following accommodations (below), please be advised:

Alternate Media

Several accessibility features are available through operating systems, software applications, and various keyboard shortcuts. For students requiring other alternate formats (e.g. Braille, audio, E-Text), you must submit requests immediately through DSPS. For questions please contact Tien Tran the Media Access Specialist directly at (714) 895-8968 or

Assistive Technology

Students approved for Kurzweil will be able to utilize the program remotely through Kurzweil Firefly. Google Docs Voice Typing, Speech notes, Apple Dictation, and Windows Speech Recognition are all free speech-to-text programs available for use. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greg Lopez directly at (714) 895-7711 x55297 or

Interpreter/Captioner Services

Interpreting and captioning services will continue to be provided for students approved for this accommodation. If you require Interpreting for real time instruction please contact April Millikan the Interpreter Coordinator at (714) 892-7711 x55151 or

Note-taking Services

For most online teaching modalities that include a written record, such as PowerPoint, Word Docs, and Canvas discussion boards, note-taking may not be necessary. Instructors may post their own lecture notes in lieu. Students approved for note taking will be able to audio record online instruction, particularly live conference videos. Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and are assigned a note taker will continue to receive access to course notes through the DSP&S Student Portal. For live lectures note takers or other options may be available. Please reach out to DSPS immediately if there are any issues with accessing course notes. Contact Bryson Thrift the Disability Services Associate at (714) 892-7711 x 51208 or

Testing accommodations

DSPS is working collaboratively with faculty to ensure extended time is met. Faculty interactive guides will discuss how to extend testing time for students with the approved accommodation. The DSPS testing offices will be reaching out to all faculty to assist with facilitating extended testing in the online environment. Should you have any questions, if you do not feel your testing accommodations have been granted, or you have questions regarding testing remotely with Respondis/Proctorio please reach out to Bryson Thrift the Disability Services Associate immediately (714) 892-7111 x51208 or remain open during the transition to online programming.

Additional Questions?

For any other questions or concerns or to become a new DSPS Student please contact DSPS at (714) 895-8721 or

Video chat with DSPS on Cranium Cafe