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Council for Curriculum & Instruction


Proposal for a New Instructional Program

Proposal for a New Instructional Program [.doc]

Learning Communities Vision and Outcomes [.doc]


Approved CCI Course Approval Process [.doc]

CCI Discussion [.doc]

GWC CCI Procedures (approved 9-16-08) [.doc] | [PDF]

GWC Course Approval Handbook [.doc]


Academic Senate Site—Establishing Pre-requisites [weblink]

Academic Senate Site—Good Practices for the Establishment of Pre-requisites [weblink]

CCCCO Units/Hours Worksheet [.doc]

Narrative Template for AA Degree [.doc]

Narrative Template for Certificate of Achievement [.doc]

State Chancellor’s Office Program and Course Approval Handbook [PDF]

Course Types Chart [PDF]

Student Learning Outcomes

Accessing Course SLOs [.doc]

Changing SLOs within CurricUNET [.doc]


Transfer Degrees

Link to approved TMC Templates [weblink]

Narrative Template for ADT [.doc]