CCI Chair:
Jennifer Bailly

Curriculum Specialist:
Charissa McCord

CCI Committee

Council for Curriculum & Instruction

The Golden West College (GWC) Council for Curriculum and Instruction Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure all GWC curriculum is academically sound, comprehensive and responsive to the evolving needs of our students and is compliant with Title 5, California Education Code and the policies of the Coast Community College District.


CurricUNET Login Information [PDF]

Faculty Roles in CurricuNET [PDF]

Faculty Roles in CurricuNET [PDF]


Prerequisite Challenge Process [.doc]

Blank-Content Review Form [.doc] | [PDF]

Blank-Pre-Req Form [.doc] | [PDF]

Material Fee Form [PDF]

On-line Addendum – Sample [.doc]

Proposal for a New Instructional Program

Proposal for a New Instructional Program [.doc]

Learning Communities Vision and Outcomes [.doc]


Approved CCI Course Approval Process [.doc]

CCI Discussion [.doc]

GWC CCI Procedures (approved 9-16-08) [.doc] | [PDF]

GWC Course Approval Handbook [.doc]


Academic Senate Site—Establishing Pre-requisites [weblink]

Academic Senate Site—Good Practices for the Establishment of Pre-requisites [weblink]

CCCCO Units/Hours Worksheet [.doc]

Narrative Template for AA Degree [.doc]

Narrative Template for Certificate of Achievement [.doc]

State Chancellor’s Office Program and Course Approval Handbook [PDF]

Course Types Chart [PDF]

Student Learning Outcomes

Accessing Course SLOs [.doc]

Changing SLOs within CurricUNET [.doc]


Transfer Degrees

Link to approved TMC Templates [weblink]

Narrative Template for ADT [.doc]