Six Pillars of Character

Criminal Justice Training Center

We, the faculty and staff of the Criminal Justice Training Center at Golden West College, are committed to the following “Six Pillars of Character” as we conduct our daily efforts in support of our students and each other. We expect a similar commitment to these Character principles from all Criminal Justice Students


Worthy of Trust, Honor and Confidence Honesty: Trustful, Sincere, Candid, Non-deceptive, Non-cheating Integrity: Principled, Morally Courageous Promise Keeping: Reliable, Dependable


Regard for the Dignity, Worth and Autonomy of all People Conduct: With courtesy, civility and politeness in treating others. Also refraining from violence, coercion and intimidation Tolerance: Non-prejudicial of individual differences and other’s beliefs


Acknowledgment and Performance of Duties Accountability: Answerable for consequences of decisions Pursuit of Excellence: Diligence and Perseverance Self-Control: Doing the right thing and using moderation

Justice and Fairness:

Making Decisions on Appropriate Factors Impartiality: Avoidance of conflicts of interest Commitment to Equity and Equality: Reasonableness, consistency, due process and fair play Openness: To information and the ideas of others


Regard for the Well-Being of Others Consideration: Kindness, compassion, unselfishness Charity: Altruism, Giving

Civic Virtue and Citizenship:

Community Service Social Obligation: Recognizing and living up to them Law Abidance: Following the rules and doing one’s share