Transfer FAQ's

What is General Education?
What is the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements?
What is IGETC?
What is a Major?
What is an Articulation agreement?
What is General Education Certification?
Is completion of IGETC/CSU Breadth required for admission to the UC or CSU?
Can a course be used to satisfy both General Education and Major requirements?
Can a course be used to satisfy more than one GE Category?
Is there a GPA requirement for the IGETC Pattern?
What about the CSU Breadth Pattern?
Can I use Advanced Placement scores for IGETC or CSU Breadth?
Which General Education Pattern should I choose?
Are there exceptions to who will accept IGETC?
Can I use coursework from any college to meet the IGETC or CSU GE Breadth requirements?
Is IGETC Certification or CSU GE-Breadth Certification automatic?
Can any student complete IGETC or CSU Breadth at the Community College?